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Seachem Flourish Epoxy

Seachem Flourish Epoxy

  • Adhesive for hardscape and decorations in aquariums
  • Secure and long-lasting fixation
  • In grey and brown
  • Quick and easy to use
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Seachem Flourish Epoxy is a 2-part epoxy resin-based putty and is specially designed for fixing hardscape components and other decorations in the aquarium. The adhesive is available in brown and grey allowing to choose the right colour depending on the application. Flourish Epoxy brown is particularly suitable for glueing root woods unobtrusively or for fixing other elements to them permanently. Flourish Epoxy grey, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for stably bonding stones together for a rock formation to achieve a desired layout. The adhesive fully cures both out of water and submerged and is safe for aquarium inhabitants.


  • Epoxy resin-based adhesive
  • For stable fixation of aquarium decorations
  • Available in the colours brown and black
  • For inconspicuous and secure bonding of roots or stones
  • Stable and durable even under water


Take the desired amount of Flourish Epoxy from the storage tube and knead the 2 components thoroughly. Elements can be bonded together solidly and permanently within 5 minutes working time. After 24 hours it has reached its final strength. The adhesive should be stored in the original container.

Product Safety

Safety information according GHS


Signal word: Caution

  • H315 Causes skin irritation
  • H319 Causes serious eye irritation



Seachem manufactures aquatic plant fertilisers and water conditioners. Aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts will benefit from Seachem's innovative products, as they can draw upon a vast range of helping agents. Especially mentionable: Seachem Purigen, which makes the water in an aquascape crystal-clear.

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