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Black Lava

Black Lava

  • Very dark coluor
  • Does not harden the water
  • Relatively lightweight rocks
  • Porous structure - ideal for Ferns and Mosses
  • Only available in sizes from approx. 10 cm!
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Black Lava is of volcanic origin, featuring a porous texture, making it very lightweight and versatile. Due to its comparably low weight, it is possible to create large structures with it.
For example it is possible to design a "Green Reef". Green Reefs are tall scapes covered in various epiphytes like ferns of the genus Microsorum or Bolbitis, Pogostemon helferi or different kinds of moss. Their roots will find a good foothold due to the porouse sctructure of the stone. Individual stones can still be moved or exchanged later on, making the layout modular.

Also a classical Iwagumi can be made from Black Lava since the very dark colors make for a good contrast to the grey color of the more commonly used kinds of stone. As an advantage Black Lava does not increase the hardness of the tank water.

Lava rock is often used in conjunction with roots. The individual stones can be covered with moss to form forest-inspired scapes.

Black Lava is also available as already assembled sets. These provide an excellent opportunity to get a perfect selection (on which we have no influence) of stones which match to different aquarium sizes (60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm).

To make the choice on the amount of kilograms easier for you, we have a helpful article in our Aquascaping Wiki.

Features of the Sets

60 cm Set
Tank size approx. 54 - 84 l
Stone combination 1x L / 3x M / 5x S
Number of stones 9 pieces
Weight approx. 3 kg
80 cm Set
Tank size approx. 72 - 128 l
Stone combination 1x L / 5x M / 5x S
Number of stones 11 pieces
Weight approx. 4 kg
100 cm Set
Tank size approx. 160 - 250 l
Stone combination 1x XL / 1x L / 3x M / 5xS
Number of stones 10 pieces
Weight approx. 6 kg
120 cm Set
Tank size 192 - 400 l
Stone combination 1x XXL / 1x XL / 1x L / 3x M / 5x S
Number of stones 11 pieces
Weight approx. 12 kg
Stone size in the Sets
XXL approx. 35 cm
XL approx. 25 cm
L approx. 16 cm
M approx. 12 cm
S approx. 6 cm

How much stone do I need?

Dimension of the aquarium

If there is no additional information provided, we will always put together a balanced collection of different stone sizes.
If you have specific ideas about your layout, just contact us via email (info@aquasabi.de) before placing your order and tell us your ideas. Please attach a sketch or photo of an existing layout to your email so we can use it as a template. We will then put together the matching stones for your project and tell you the total weight, so that you can place your order via the webshop.

Further information can also be found in our Wiki (https://www.aquasabi.com/aquascaping-wiki_aquascaping_choose-your-hardscape-by-weight)

General information

Item no.
Weight 12,00 kg
Shipping weight 13,00 kg

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Andrej U.
Very satisfied
6th October 2018

I was unsure how much do I need for 60l aquarium, so ordered 5kg, but it turned out that used just half of them.

Stones were packaged very carefully.

Jelizaveta P.
9th December 2020
Black Lava Set - 120 cm
Black Lava Set - 120 cm

Thank you for excellent rock set, they are well assembled, well packed and fast shipped to Latvia. I would definitely recommend these rocks and your online shop in general to... (read more)

Thomas T.
25th May 2020
Black Lava Standard
Black Lava Standard

Nice looking, clean rocks, good selection of sizes and shapes, very few bad rocks with ugly cuttings or strange, white concrete-like stuff. Top notch.

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