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Oase - high-quality aquariums!

UNS, which stands for Ultum Nature Systems, is a leading manufacturer of quality aquariums from the United States of America. The innovative designs and high-quality workmanship distinguish this manufacturer.

For the production, 91 % diamond glass is used, an extremely high-quality white glass, which has excellent properties and outstanding transparency. The edges are mitred for an elegant and stylish look.

UNS offers the aquarium types Cube, Nano, Standard, Long, Shallow and Tall.

The Cube Rimless is a cube-shaped aquarium with volumes from 4 to 117 litres. This type of aquarium is space-saving and is often used by aquarium enthusiasts as a shrimp aquarium.

Nano Rimless aquariums are becoming increasingly popular because they are miniature versions of standard-sized aquariums, but require much less budget and space. They are ideal for small spaces and look excellent on a bedside table, shelf or small side table. With their horizontal space, they allow for greater depth perception and creativity, as well as swimming space for smaller fish species and shrimp.

The most common aquarium sizes fall under the Standard Rimless Aquarium category. These aquarium tanks are available in sizes from 40 - 400 litres and more. These tanks offer plenty of space for hardscape or Holland style layouts. They are slightly larger and are ideal for the unique design of Iwagumi style natural aquariums with elaborate structures.

Long Rimless Aquariums offer a wide panoramic view and allow for longer aquascape designs due to the generous horizontal space. They are particularly suitable for recreating varied river courses or streams. These aquariums also allow the use of large hardscape structures that protrude imposingly from the aquarium. Their elongated structure requires a special degree of creativity. Nano schooling fish and particularly swim-loving animals are often used in such aquariums, as they prefer a lot of horizontal swimming space to explore. These aquariums are available in sizes from 15 to 80 litres

The Shallow Rimless aquariums offer a low panoramic view and require some creative aquascaping ideas as they lack height. They make up for this with the depth available and overall are wonderful canvases for growing aquatic plants or are brilliant for a pond style design. No matter how small or large, these low aquarium tanks offer an ideal way to bring a unique natural aquarium into the home. The available volumes range from 7 to 257 litres.

The Tall Rimless Aquarium offers a greater height and is therefore ideal for creative, vertical aquascapes. Long roots and other hardscape can be ideally used in such an aquarium. The smaller models are ideal for a minimalist approach and when displaying individual elements. This category highlights intricate details and encourages unusual ideas and techniques.

All UNS aquariums are frameless and the panels are mitred at 45°. The silicone seams on the inside are therefore hardly visible.

The high-quality glass, the good workmanship and the many different types of aquariums make UNS a very interesting supplier of aquariums for aquascaping.