Woody plants

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Terrarium plants - Woody Plants - Green up your terrarium!

Trees and shrubs are an enormously diverse type of plant. What they have in common is that they form a long-lived, woody shoot axis. Many climbing plants also form woody stems.
In addition to terrascaping materials such as branches and structured walls, woody plants give spatial structure to the terrarium and provide a natural habitat for climbing terrarium animals. Plants like the weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), which normally grow into tall trees, are also suitable for terrariums and can be kept small and shaped by careful pruning.
Just as there are woody plants in all but the most inhospitable climates, there is a choice of woody plants for terrarium types that emulate a wide variety of habitats - from tropical jungle to dry forest and briar, or even forests and scrub of the subtropics and temperate zones.