Terrarium - A living section of nature

Want to bring a unique piece of nature right into your home? A terrarium is more than just a glass bowl; it's a canvas for your creativity. Unlike aquariums, which create fascinating underwater worlds, a terrarium captures the unrivalled beauty of landscapes above the surface of the water. Here you are the artist: you can design the floor with a wide variety of substrates and decorative materials and even incorporate the walls of the terrarium into your work of art. Plant exotic plants, create small hills or use natural materials such as stones and wood to create a three-dimensional landscape. In this way, every terrarium becomes your own personal little paradise, a place of peace and beauty that you design according to your own ideas.

Your terrarium can be a journey into the most diverse worlds. Have you ever thought about creating a miniature desert landscape with fine sand, drought-loving succulents and desert dillandsias? Or are you more drawn to a humid, mossy forest where shade-loving plants and the gentle splashing of a small waterfall create a calming atmosphere? Or perhaps you are fascinated by the idea of a rocky slope, where climbing plants and small moss nests create a rugged, natural beauty. You can recreate a wide variety of biotopes and landscapes in a terrarium. From tropical rainforests to tranquil Japanese moss gardens - the possibilities are as varied as nature itself. Discover the limitless variety of terrascaping and be inspired by nature.

The plant world plays a decisive role in a terrascape. While many terrariums are also used for keeping animals, our focus is on the fascinating world of plants. A terrascape in a terrarium is like a living painting that evolves and changes over time. With the right selection of plants, you can create unique, small landscapes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also have a calming effect. We have put together a carefully selected range of plants that are ideal for terrascaping. These include exotic bromeliads that create accents with their colourful flowers, ground cover plants that form dense, green carpets and marsh plants that thrive in moist soil. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced terrarium keeper, we will help you find the perfect plants for your project.

The world of terrariums offers an impressive variety. From classic glass terrariums, which bring elegance and clarity into your home, to modern acrylic variants, there is a suitable model for every taste and requirement. A particular highlight in our range is the spherical biOrb air terrarium. This terrarium is not only an eye-catcher, but is also supplied as a complete set including all the necessary technology. It can be viewed 360° and therefore offers you an all-round perfect view of your little created world. Whether you are looking for a terrarium for a sunny spot or a shady corner, we have the right model for you. Be inspired by the different shapes and sizes and find the terrarium that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.