Oase biOrb EARTH 125

Oase biOrb EARTH 125

  • Complete terrarium set
  • Including all required technology
  • 3 different LED types
  • With air filter
  • Plants and decoration not included
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The Oase biOrb EARTH 125 is an innovative terrarium that utilises the latest technology to create a near-natural environment. It combines advanced features with a sophisticated design to ensure optimal conditions for the terrascape.

The biOrb EARTH has been specially developed to ensure constant, natural temperatures and humidity conditions, which is achieved through carefully sealed lids and openings.
Air purification in the biOrb EARTH is provided by an activated carbon filter that filters both incoming and outgoing air to eliminate pollutants and unwanted odours, while preventing fruit flies and other live food from escaping. These features make the biOrb EARTH an ideal terrarium for any living space.
A central aspect of the biOrb EARTH is the authentic 3-dimensional temperature gradient, which is ensured by a heating cable at the bottom of the terrarium. A specially developed temperature control on the back of the terrarium enables precise control of heating, cooling and ventilation via a solid-state Peltier element. This ensures a constant and optimum temperature throughout the vivarium.

Rain nozzle in action

The rain nozzles ensure a near-natural water supply.

Humidity is regulated in the biOrb EARTH by an integrated ultrasonic mist unit with its own fan and water tank at the back of the terrarium. The terrarium also has two adjustable rain nozzles that ensure gentle humidification. This creates ideal conditions for the inhabitants and supports their well-being.

In the biOrb EARTH, the natural solar cycle is mimicked by an innovative lighting mechanism that extends from sunrise to sunset. This is achieved by two rows of powerful, sun-like LED lights that have been developed using special technology to simulate realistic light. These lights positively influence the natural biorhythm of the terrarium inhabitants without the undesirable blue component of conventional LEDs, which can disrupt the sleep cycle. The lighting in the biOrb EARTH is controlled by three separate channels that adjust the light intensity throughout the day to simulate a natural solar cycle.

Complete view with exemplary furnishings

The Oase biOrb EARTH 125 is a highlight for any living space. Here is a furnishing example.

The biOrb EARTH terrarium takes the simulation of natural environments to a new level by simulating acoustic environments through an integrated loudspeaker in addition to visual and climatic conditions. These soundscapes, selectable via the "OASE Control" app, include various natural sounds that can trigger specific reactions in the terrarium inhabitants, such as calls.

Oase Control APP

The entire system can be controlled digitally with the Oase Controll app.

The biOrb EARTH is fully controlled via the "OASE Control" app, which makes it possible to control all aspects of the terrarium. From the temperature and humidity to the lighting, all settings can be customised. Automatic control of the climate according to preset climate zones or individual profiles enables species-appropriate husbandry that replicates the natural climate of the animal's environment.

Manual - - download PDF


  • Complete terrarium set with digital control capability
  • Filters incoming and outgoing air through activated carbon to remove pollutants
  • A special temperature control system enables precise heating and cooling
  • Integrated ultrasonic misting unit ensures optimized humidity in the terrarium
  • Two adjustable rain nozzles allow gentle misting of the terrarium
  • The sunlight-like LED lighting simulates natural sunlight
  • The lighting provides essential light spectra for the vivarium
  • All functions can be controlled via the "OASE Control" app
  • The automatic climate control ensures a habitat appropriate environment

Technical Specifications

Oase biOrb EARTH 125
Power Consumption 105 Watts
Maximum WLAN Transmission Power 20 dBm
WLAN Frequency Band 2.4 GHz
WLAN Security WEP, WPA 2, WPA 3
Air Temperature max. 40 °C
Substrate Temperature max. 35 °C

Note: Only suitable for use in aquaristics or terrascaping.

Oase biOrb EARTH 125 - Sunlight LED
Luminous Flux 650 Lumens
Color Temperature 5,500 Kelvin
Oase biOrb EARTH 125 - RGB & Infrared
Luminous Flux 60 Lumens
Oase biOrb EARTH 125 - UV Light
Wavelength 318 nm (UV-B)


Oase biOrb EARTH 125
Length 571 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 567 mm
Weight 19.1 kg
Volume 125 liters
Liquid Reservoir Fogger 4 liters

Scope of delivery

  • biOrb EARTH Acrylic terrarium
  • biOrb EARTH Back panel
  • biOrb EARTH Filter blades
  • biOrb EARTH Casement filter set
  • biOrb EARTH Transformer
  • biOrb EARTH Light cover
  • biOrb EARTH Sunlight LED
  • biOrb EARTH RGB / infrared light
  • biOrb EARTH UV light
  • biOrb EARTH BG Fog filter
  • biOrb EARTH Back filter kit
  • biOrb EARTH Loudspeakers
  • biOrb EARTH Outlet set
  • biOrb EARTH Rain nozzle
  • biOrb EARTH Funnel
  • biOrb EARTH Heating cable
  • biOrb EARTH Feeding assistance



Founded in 1949, the traditional German company Oase from Hörstel in Germany is passionate about developing and selling professional equipment for all aspects of water. Filters, pumps, water conditioners, complete aquariums as well as fish food and accessories for aquaristics are part of the product range. With the biOrb product line, decorative and technically advanced all-in-one terrariums including accessories are also part of the portfolio. In addition, Oase is very successful worldwide in the garden, pond and waterworks sectors and, with Oase Professional, also offers solutions for hydraulic engineering, fountain technology and pond management.

General information

Item no.
EAN 0822728329184
Weight 19,10 kg
Shipping weight 26,20 kg

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