Tools - essentials for the terrarium

We offer a variety of important tools to keep a terrascape in shape in the long term. Even when setting up a terrascape, scissors and tweezers are indispensable tools.
Our range includes various types of scissors and tweezers, including straight and curved designs in different lengths.

The choice of tools is an important factor when creating terrascapes. It is not only about the size and shape of the terrarium, but also about the specific requirements of the tasks. Each pair of scissors has its own function and can help to shape the terrarium. When it comes to fine work on small terrariums, short scissors and tweezers are the perfect choice. They are small and easy to handle and therefore enable precise work. For large terrariums, on the other hand, long tools are indispensable. They make it possible to penetrate deep into the terrascape and work on hard-to-reach areas. Curved versions are particularly useful when it comes to maintaining hard-to-reach areas such as under stone structures or behind branches. Careful selection of tools is the key to successful terrarium design.

These tools allow you to work with precision and keep the terrascape in top shape.