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Pogostemon helferi


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Jorge David Q.
totally shaked
31st August 2018
Pogostemon helferi - 1-2-GROW!
Pogostemon helferi - 1-2-GROW!

the picture is not real, plant is smaller, substrate is liquid and smell very bad. No roots impossible also with the aquascaping tools

John L.
Nice foreground plant when healthy
17th October 2016

Fast and speedy delivery. Never had issues with this plant before as I used it in almost all my scapes. (read more)

Jorge David Q.
box open
31st August 2018
Pogostemon helferi - in Vitro XL
Pogostemon helferi - in Vitro XL

plant is arrived with box opened and plant become a ball. no roots, small amount, no possible to place in my aquarium

Sauca E.
Nice healthy Plant
19th December 2020
Pogostemon helferi - pot
Pogostemon helferi - pot

Very Nice plant, arrived in very good condition. Was packed very well.

I ‘ m very satisfied with the purchase.

Timo S.
Schön aber empfindlich.
2nd September 2014

Wie so oft beschrieben, so muss ich auch hier angeben, dass diese Pflanze sehr sensibel ist. Beim einpflanzen darf sie nicht gequetscht werden und auf einen ausgeglichenen... (read more)