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The most fundamental factor in the environment to have fish is “water”. Among tropical rainforest rivers which are the habitat of most tropical fishes, there is a special environment called ‘Blackwater’ and a lot of colorful fish live there. To recreate a conducive environment for fish in an aquarium, it is necessary to create water close to their habitat.

ADA Rio Base ADA Blackwater

ADA Aqua Conditioner Black Water and ADA Aqua Conditioner Rio Base

In a tropical jungle, there is a huge pile of fallen leaves on the ground and their amount is so huge that they cannot get decomposed by bacteria. Humic acid from these fallen leaves leach into river water and create the blackwater river. For the fish living in a special water containing a large quantity of organic acid, such as humic and tannic acid, the aquarium water should be as close to their habitat as possible, especially when the fish is newly introduced into an aquarium, so that they can adjust their physiological functions and release stress. By adding ADA Black Water to the aquarium water, the fish can stay calm in dark water.
*Regular application of ADA Black Water is not recommended for planted layout because the light intensity in water decreases.
The condition of difficult-to-handle wild fish and newly introduced fish can deteriorate if tap water is not treated properly. One of the causes of this problem is the ratio of organic and inorganic compounds which is totally opposite between tap water and the water of the tropical rainforest. Tropical rainforest water contains adequate amount of plant-derived colloids and they protect the surface of fish body. On the other hand, tap water does not contain this substance at all. By applying ADA Rio Base to tap water, mild water flowing in tropical rainforest rivers can be recreated in aquarium and reduces the stress of fish.

Gregarious Tonina sp.

Tonina sp. grows beautifully in blackwater of the Amazonian jungle. The essence of tropical rainforest helps and gives life to many fish and aquatic plants.

The process of plant-derived organic compounds leaching into tropical rainforest river

biological system of the blackwater

In tropical rainforests, there is a huge pile of fallen leaves on the forest floor and river bottom. In the long decaying process of fallen leaves, various plant-derived organic compounds leach into water, making blackwater which is one of the signature tropical rainforest waters.

Difference in Constituents between Tap Water and Tropical Rainforest Water

comparision of blackwater and tabwater

The figure shows the comparison between tap water and tropical river water. The contents of organic and inorganic compounds greatly differ between them. It is important to get rid of harmful inorganic compounds securely from water and supply organic compounds necessary for living beings.

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