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  • Adhesive for glass, wood & metal etc.
  • For freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Easy application
  • Silicone and isocyanate free
  • Hardens even in water
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  • Thermal adhesive for aquarium decoration and plants
  • For use in freshwater aquariums
  • Easy application
  • Made of non-toxic biopolymers
  • Harmless for animals and plants
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  • Perfect for attaching moss on rocks and driftwood
  • Makes planting bunch plants a breeze
  • Bonds within seconds
  • Can even be used underwater
  • 50 g stock size
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  • Maximum adhesive power
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • Easy to use
  • Very abundant
  • Free of pollutants
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  • Excellent for attaching moss on rocks and driftwood
  • 100 % pollutant free
  • Made of cyanacrylate
  • Easy usage in freshwater
Aquascaping - Mach etwas schönes aus deinem Aquarium!

Mikrobe-Lift offers a wide range of accessories for plant aquaristics and aquascaping, but also for general freshwater and marine aquaristics. For example, the plant glue called Plantscaper has proven to be particularly useful. With this product, you can easily glue a wide variety of plants, especially epiphytes such as ferns, anubias and mosses, to your hardscape such as root wood and stones. As an aquarist, you can carry out the gluing process either under or above water. The glue is also useful for minor repair work and is harmless to the inhabitants of an aquarium.