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  • Robust stem plant
  • Forms dense groups
  • Wonderful orange colours
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  • Forms grasslike bushes of medium height
  • Light green to reddish
  • Very popular in aquascaping
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  • Also known as 'Wavy Green ' and 'Wavy Leaf'
  • Green leaves with wavy margin
  • Bushy habit
  • Grows faster than many other Bucephalandras
  • Undemanding
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  • Big, broad leaves
  • Upright habit
  • Fast growing
  • Very hardy and undemanding
  • Easily flowering in emersed culture
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  • Also known as Cryptocoryne lutea 'Hobbit'
  • Very small water trumpet
  • Ideal for smallest tanks
  • Submerged leaves violet-brown
  • Undemanding
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  • Delicate stem plant with very narrow leaves
  • Green to red hues
  • Ramifies well, bushy growth
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  • Creeping to bushy growth
  • Slender narrow leaves
  • Star-shaped shoot tips
  • Rarely found in trade
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  • Small, slowly growing Echinodorus
  • Distinctive leaf shape
  • Suitable for nano aquariums and the foreground
Dennerle - Innovative aquaristics products!

The history of this company began in 1966 with the opening of a specialized pet shop in Vinningen near Pirmasens. Right from the start, the cultivation of aquarium plants was one of the main focuses for Dennerle. This focus has been constantly expanded by the company's own greenhouses and by trips abroad in search of new plant species. By now, Dennerle can look back on more than 50 years of company history. In addition to aquatic plants, Dennerle also sells aquarium tanks such as the popular Nano Cubes and Scaper's tanks, care products, lighting, substrate and decoration. The company also offers a wide range of feeds for ornamental fish and shrimp.

With its nano aquariums and products for keeping ornamental shrimp, Dennerle was a key factor in setting the trend for nano aquariums in motion. Due to the enormous range of products, it is possible to fully equip and operate the aquarium with the Dennerle brand. Also, technical accessories such as heating, filtering and CO2 supply are part of the manufacturer's portfolio. Dennerle leaves nothing to be desired in the field of aquatic plant aquaristics and aquascaping.