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daytime - pendix®

The pendix® modular system by daytime was specially designed for open and demanding aquariums. With the multi-row head piece made of anodised aluminium, even a wide aquarium can be optimally illuminated. The integrated grooves provide an attractive wire hanging system. daytime offers a filigree wire hanging system made of stainless steel for free suspension. In addition to the classic surface-mounted adapter, a wall bracket is offered to put the aquarium in the right light. If the length of the pendix® is not sufficient, the pendix® longitudinal connector can connect the LED lighting without gaps at the front. Just like the matrix and onex®, the pendix® is also equipped with rustproof and seawater-resistant V4A stainless steel screws and a professional IP67 plug-in system from Binder. Of course, all components are "Made in Germany".
The LED PRO modules are also applied here. They are sealed with a polyurethane thick-film encapsulation to achieve seawater resistance according to DIN 81249-1. The sealant is crystal clear and maintains the high-quality light transmission; there is also only a minimal colour shift. The splash guards also do not reduce the quality of the aquarium lighting in any way. Each headpiece can be fitted with a maximum number of LED modules. This means that the quality of light can be optimally adjusted to the aquatic plants and creatures. In this way, the pendix® makes a major contribution not only to making the underwater world shine, but also to making the entire aquarium a highlight in any living space.