daytime - Accessories

To put every aquarium in the right light, daytime has a wide range of different accessories. Various design options are available for the onex® as well as for the matrix and pendix® system.
Closed as well as open aquariums can easily be equipped with daytime LED lighting. The filigree pendix® wire suspension is ideal for open pools, and onex® also offers a beautiful and attractive wire system. The onex® system offers a stylish option with various acrylic adapter sets. A wide range of adapters are also available for the classic daytime matrix, so that it can also be integrated into old luminaire systems. This means that the matrix can also be used in T8 and T5 lamp-holders, and different aquariums (e.g. Eheim and Juwel) can be used thanks to a variety of adapter sets.
There is also a programmable lighting control for each of the high-quality daytime LED systems. The Basic Control BC16 for onex®, matrix & pendix® creates a simulation of natural lighting conditions during the day and at night. It can be used to control all daytime up to 240 W. The Smart Control SC20 for onex®, matrix & pendix® can also be conveniently controlled and programmed with a smartphone. To make everything complete, there are also practical tools such as 24V converters, distributors and various cable connections and extensions. With these, daytime LED lighting systems can be integrated into any underwater world to create an even more beautiful experience.