Chihiros - CO2

Aquarium lighting without accessories is basically functional and serves its purpose. However, if the aquarium or the conditions around it change, new requirements for the lighting situation can quickly arise. In our online store, the ideal accessories can be purchased for many conditions.

In order to offer the widest possible range of possibilities for aquaristics, Chihiros has useful extensions for many lights in its portfolio. Rope suspensions for the WRGB II lights, acrylic stands for the A-series or even Bluetooth controllers for almost all lamps from Chihiros, which do not have one installed as standard. With the controllers wireless connections to the lights can be established and the programming of numerous parameters such as dimming up and down at a certain time of day can be realized.

The so-called shades are also a useful extension for many luminaires. These shades shield the light of the lamp and are a reliable glare protection.