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Scissors are the tools essential for creation and maintenance of meticulous layouts. There are many different types of scissors available for use in different approaches of trimming for different types of aquatic plants. Let’s do a research now to find out the features of each scissors.

ADA Trimming Scissor Straight ADA Pro Scissors L ADA Spring Scissors Straight

In Nature Aquarium, various types of tweezers and scissors are used for creation and long-term maintenance of meticulous layouts. Among the layout tools, scissors, in particular, are available in a variety of size and shape options to cater for various situations of layout creation and maintenance. Some of the scissors like ADA Pro Scissors Wave Type and ADA Pro-Scissors Spring Curve type used for Nature Aquarium have unique shapes which are significantly different from ordinary scissors. How are these scissors specifically different? This section features the research on the opening angle and usability within the aquarium for each type of scissors.

ADA maintance scape

Comparison of opening angle of scissors

ADA Trimming Scissors Straight type ADA Pro-Scissors Spring Curve type ADA Pro Scissors Wave Type ADA Pro-Scissors Force ADA Pro-Scissors Short Straight type ADA Pro-Scissors L

1.ADA Trimming Scissors Straight type
2. ADA Pro-Scissors Spring Curve type
3. ADA Pro Scissors Wave Type
4. ADA Pro-Scissors Force
5. ADA Pro-Scissors Short Straight type
6. ADA Pro-Scissors L

The type of wide trimming range

ADA Pro Scissors L ADA Pro Scissors Short

1. The scissors with long handles have a narrow opening angle but offer the optimal operability in trimming of plants in intricate layouts.

2. The scissors having short handles and a wide opening angle allow you to conduct trimming efficiently for a wide area, such as foreground plants in an open space.

This is the Key Point!

“Use the scissors with different shapes for their respective suitable areas and purposes.”

“The scissors with long handles are best suited for intricate layouts.”

“The scissors with wide opening angle are efficient for trimming of foreground plants in a wide area.”

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