Create the Beauty of Plant Cluster
Perfect Lighting and CO2 Supply with ADA

Rate of photosynthesis is determined mainly by “light intensity”, “CO2” and “temperature”. In the absence of any of these factors, it may become a limiting factor that lowers the rate of photosynthesis.

A. Light – The Most Important Factor for Plant Growth

The most important factor in growing aquatic plants is the light intensity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a lighting system which can supply sufficient amount of light for your tank. There are various types of light sources available, including metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED. For a 90cm or larger tank, it has an advantage in using metal halide lamp or powerful LED lamp which emits strong light.

ADA - light intensity diagram

The NA Lamp contains blue light which penetrates further into water, so it is suitable for growing aquatic plants.

ADA Solar I ADA Solar II ADA Aquasky

SOLAR I(Metall-halide-lamp) | Solar II | Aquasky (LED)

B. Difference in Light Intensity between Center and Corners of Tank

Although appropriate lighting system is installed for the tank size, the center part of the tank tends to be brighter than the corners of the tank where often result in darker. Since red aquatic plants prefer strong light, they should be planted around the center of the tank to help them grow beautifully. It is good to remember that plants may grow slower on the corners of a tank due to low light intensities.

ADA - Aquasky Solar I Solar II compared

C. Change in CO2 Supply for Each Growth Stage

As stated already, the three factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis are “light intensity”, “CO2” and “temperature”. The most difficult factor to adjust is CO2 concentration. It requires experience to determine the necessary amount of CO2. The good indicator is the data “3 bubbles per second” by using ADA CO2 system, for instance..

ADA - CO2 concentration

ADA CO2 System 1 ADA CO2 System 2

Install a CO2 system suitable for the size of your tank.

ADA CO2 level drop checker_ENG

D. Observation of Photosynthesis and Environment

Under the environment with preconditions for photosynthesis, aquatic plants generate oxygen bubbles from their leaves to show us their fantastical beauty of cluster. Oxygen bubbles are not appeared when failing to fulfill the preconditions. It is important to observe the growing plants on a daily basis to provide the appropriate growing conditions for their growth.

ADA - Assimilation

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