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Reasons Why Two Different Types of Tubes are Used

The ADA CO2 System uses two different types of tubes: ADA CO2-Pressure Resistance Tube and ADA Silicone Tube. Soft ADA Silicone Tube is used for connections to glassware, but this type of tube is not suitable for long-term use due to its swelling effect which can result in an escape of CO2. The ADA CO2-Pressure Resistance Tube, free from risk of air escape, is used for long piping. This hard tube is connected firmly just by inserting it into ADA CO2 Attache Regulator and the branching part. It can also be connected to the ADA Check Valve. The ADA Check Valve is used to connect ADA CO2-Pressure Resistance Tubes and ADA Silicone Tubes.

ADA Aufbau eines CO2 Systems

Above is a connection diagram of CO2 Systems. The point is to minimize the length of the ADA Silicone Tube.

Key Points for Fine Adjustments of the CO2 Supply Rate

The ADA Bubble Counter and ADA Beetle Counter are used for measurements of the CO2 supply rate. Be sure to use either one of them together with ADA Pollen Glass series items. Fine adjustment of the CO2 supply rate is performed by turning the fine adjustment screw on an ADA CO2 Regulator or a speed controller while counting the bubbles coming out from ADA Bubble Counter. The CO2 regulation is made easy by slowly loosening the fully-tightened fine adjustment screw. If the screw is loosened too much (i.e., the CO2 supply rate becomes too high), tighten the screw and then loosen it again.

ADA Bubblecounter ADA Präzisionsventil

1. CO2 supply rate is measured by the number of bubbles released from the CO2 ADA Bubble Counter.
2. The point in fine adjustment of the CO2 supply rate is to loosen the fully-tightened fine adjustment screw.

How to Determine Excess or Deficiency in CO2 Supply Rates?

If the lighting is bright enough, aquatic plants undergo active photosynthesis at a higher rate of CO2 supply and sun plants produce bubbles rich in oxygen. In the event of an excessive amount of CO2 supplied, Caridina japonica responds to such a change first. Usually this shrimp moves its legs actively to eat algae. If its leg movement slows down, it is a sign of lack of oxygen. You can identify the status of CO2 supply rate with the ADA Drop Checker installed to your aquarium tank. If the pH reagent of yourADA Drop Checker changes its color from green to yellow, the CO2 supply rate can be determined to be too high.

ADA Caradina Japonica ADA Drop Checker

1. Leg movement of Caridina japonica slows down if the CO2 supply rate is too high.
2. The ADA Drop Checker with green-color pH reagent shows that CO2 supply rate is appropriate.

How to Clean the Products in the Pollen Glass Series

Fully glass-made ADA Pollen Glass series products return to their original clean state by cleaning with ADA Superge, a glassware cleaning agent. Try your best to keep the ADA Pollen Glass clean to avoid a dirty diffusion filter which can result in lower CO2 diffusion efficiency. In the event where the diffusion filter is stained brown even after cleaned with ADA Superge, rinse the filter well with water and then soak it in a glass or other container filled with vinegar. The acid of vinegar dissolves the dirt on the diffusion filter. Rinse off the cleaning agent well with water.

ADA Clean Bottle ADA Diffusor

1. The use of ADA Clean Bottle allows you to soak clean the diffusion filter easily.
2. Keeping the diffusion filter clean improves the CO2 diffusion efficiency.

Reasons to Use Ball Valve and Solenoid Valve, etc.

The CO2 supply needs to be stopped when the lighting is turned off during the night to prevent fishes and shrimps from suffering a lack of oxygen. For this purpose, devices such as ball valve, hand valve and solenoid valve (ADA EL Valve) are used. Ball valve and hand valve allow you to start/stop the CO2 supply manually while solenoid valve is connected to the timer for automatic control of the CO2 supply (NA Control Timer is equipped with a built-in solenoid valve). The use of ball valve or solenoid valve is needed since the fine adjustment screw on ADA CO2 Regulator and speed controller doesn't stop CO2 supply completely.

ADA Handventil ADA EL Valve

1. Turn on and off the ball valve and hand valve manually every morning and evening.
2. Solenoid valve enables automatic ON/OFF by connecting it to a commercially available timer.

Aquatic plants are active in photosynthesis when exposed to bright light. Nevertheless, the photosynthesis activity is stopped in a short while due to lack of CO2. In addition to bright light, CO2 supply to an aquarium is essential for aquatic plants to continuously undergo photosynthesis. In this regard, however, CO2 supply must not be performed randomly. An effective supply of CO2 is crucial.

Selection of Pollen Glass Series

ADA Pollen Glass series, which produces and diffuses fine CO2 bubbles, offers a wide variety of products having different shapes and sizes. You can select one according to the size of the aquarium tank and your design taste. The original model of ADA Pollen Glass is suitable for a 60cm aquarium tank. TYPE-2 and TYPE-3 having the same size also deliver the same CO2 diffusion efficiency. For aquarium tanks larger than 60cm, ADA Pollen Glass Large or ADA Pollen Glass Beetle having larger size should be selected to supply a greater amount of CO2.

ADA first day scape

You can select your ADA Pollen Glass series item according to the size of aquarium tank and your design taste.

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