Aquasabi or Aqua Rebell CO2 diffuser?
An explanation of the differences
Glass CO2 diffusers are available from both our own brands Aquasabi and Aqua Rebell. There are some similarities: Some diffusers are suitable for the same aquarium sizes, but there are also differences that can’t be seen at first glance, which we will explain in the following.


Aquasabi diffuser

Our Aquasabi glassware is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. You can choose from a selection of attractively priced glass diffusers for various aquarium sizes. These products are ideal for the first steps into aquascaping, and also when you expressively opt for a Japanese-style look. Apart from diffusers, an extensive range of other CO2 glass products such as drop checkers, bubble counters and check valves are available under our own brand Aquasabi.

Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell - CO2 Diffusor - Bowl

Apart from a different design, the CO2 glass products by Aqua Rebell are of an even higher quality. On closer inspection you will observe the high level of craftsmanship and the excellent quality of the material. The glass of these devices impresses with its particular clarity. The differences are also noticeable during operation, as the Aqua Rebell diffuser’s ceramic membrane is of a higher quality as well. Gas escaping through the rim of the membrane, or the formation of big CO2 bubbles is a thing of the past with these diffusers. Enough gas pressure provided, very fine bubbles are produced in the middle of the membrane which dissolve perfectly in the water. This ensures a good carbon absorption by the aquatic plants. The higher quality justifies the somewhat higher price for the Aqua Rebel diffusers. The glass products are tagged with the Aqua Rebel logo.