ADA Drop Checker
Indicating CO2 with the ADA Checker

To maintan a planted Nature Aquarium, a deep knowledge of water quality and CO2 concentration is very important. Most often it is for beginners difficult to analyze and optimize the water composition. The ADA Drop Checker makes checking the CO2 level through discolouring of the Indikators very easy. Also The Pack Checker facilitates the optimization of water through pulling a little amount of water in the pipe with the indicator.
Opposite to common fish tanks, Nature Aquariums need a additional co2 supply, to support the photosynthesis of the plants. The supply should be regulated carefully, because a lack of oxygene could harm fish, shrimps and other inhabitants. A shortage of co2 could damage the plants tho.
The supply of co2 is only usual in planted aquariums. To choose the right amount of co2 can be very challenging for beginners of this hobby. Experienced aquascapers can read the co2 concentration of the water in the amount of photosynthesis and the behaviour of fish and shrimps. This requieres a lot of experience and is not recommended for everyone.

The ADA Drop Checker

The connection of cO2 level and pH level adds an additional layer of complexity. During high concentrations of co2 the pH level of water drops and it gets acidic. A lower concentration of Co2 can lead to a alkaline water. The ADA Drop Checker makes use of that connection and shows the level of dissolved co2 in the water based on the pH level. Though do many factors like substances, which driftwood and stones contain influence the pH level. Because of that ADA´s Drop Checker has an air layer that allows to display the pH-level created only by dissolved Co2. The ADA Drop Checker and its distinctive design has an outstanding functionality. The check of waterquality is often percieved as risky and hobbyists are scared of failures. With the Pack Checker you are able to test the water quality easily through taking water of the aquarium.

ADA Drop Checker

The ADA Pack Checker

ADA - Aqua Design Amano - Pack Checker ADA - Aqua Design Amano - Pack Checker Schaubild

With the ADA Pack Checker even beginners are able to check the waterquality in a fast and convenient way, through taking water of the aquarium and examining it. It is recommended to fill the water in a container before using the ADA Pack Checker. In this way the indicator can not flow into the tank and change the waterquality.

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