Perfect trimming technique for plants
How to trim stem plants with ADA

In Nature Aquarium, trimming is not merely a process to adjust the height of stem plants but it is a must-master technique in order to enhance the density of stems and leaves and to grow beautiful plant clusters.

A. Basic Method for Trimming Stem Plants

ADA Trimming scissors

Cut short at the beginning

For grown stem plants, cut them short for the first trimming. The point is to cut immediately above a node.

ADA Trimming scissors

Cutting position after second trimming

From the second trimming, cut the plant at a position higher than the previous trimmings. This will allow the stem to branch out.

ADA Trimming scissors

Lateral bud grows and stem branches out

If a terminal bud is cut off, some lateral buds will grow and the stem will branch out. A stem will become like a broom by repeating this process.

B. Method of Replanting a Branched Stem

ADA Trimming scissors

Cut a stem into several pieces

Cut a stem into several pieces which has a terminal bud. Throw the old and hard original stem away.

ADA Trimming scissors

Align the stem length

In order to make the planting easier, gather the stems having similar lengths and trim them to the same length with scissors. Align the level of terminal bud and cut the bottom part of the stem.

ADA Trimming scissors

Plant the stems with Pinsettes

For stem plants, hold the bottom part of the stem with Pinsettes to plant. If it has large leaves, remove them on the bottom part.

Trimming of Stem Plants in an Actual Layout

ADA Trimming scissors

User-friendly Trimming Scissors

3 weeks after planting [Before trimming]

ADA before trimming

Stem plants grow up to the water surface in 3-4 weeks after planting. This is the timing for the first trimming.

3 weeks after planting [After trimming]

ADA after trimming

The point of the first trimming is to cut the plant as short as possible. Trimming Scissors are useful.

ADA Nature Aquarium trimmed

Subsequently, repeat the trimming of stem plants in the same way. The layout will perfectly look better with lush stems and leaves..

Main aquatic plants used: Hemianthus Glomeratus / Micranthemum unbrosum / Rotala spec. 'Green' / Eleocharis vivipara
Tank size: W90×D45×H45 (cm)

Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA