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A 90cm tank accommodates approximately three times more water than a 60cm tank and offers stable water quality. In such an environment, a much wider variation of aquatic plants and fish can be kept. Therefore, a 90cm aquarium tank is ideal for the hobbyists who wish to enjoy a full-scale planted aquarium. Lightings equipped with metal halide lamps that emit intense light are better for this scale of aquarium.

ADA 90cm System

Used Components:

ADA CO2 Tower ADA CO2 Attache Regulator ADA PollenGlass L30 ADA Beetle Counter

Tank: Cube Garden W90×D45×H45cm + Garden Mat for W90×D45
Stand: Wood Cabinet (Gun Metallic Silver) for W90×D45
Lighting: Grand Solar I + Grand Solar Stand for W90×H45cm
Filtration: ADA Superjet Filter ES-600 for 45cm (H) + ADA Lily Pipe P-4 / 13Ø + ADA Lily Pipe V V-5 / 13Ø
CO2: ADA CO2 Tower + ADA CO2 Attache Regulator + ADA Pollen Glass Large 30Ø + ADA Beetle Counter
(Existing CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2 White users can upgrade to a refillable CO2 tank just by connecting ADA CO2 Adapter.)

Support Items:

ADA CO2 Adapter ADA NA Control Timer ADA Cabochon Ruby

ADA CO2 Adapter. | NA Control Timer | ADA Cabochon Ruby

Expressions of Light and Shade

Layout expressions of light and shade add a profound depth to the aquascape. Cryptocoryne planted at the side of driftwood enhances the natural feel of this layout.

ADA Naturaquarium 90P


Aquascape with Towering Rocks

This is an Iwagumi made up with radially-arranged Ryuoh Stones having a sharp tip. Perspective is effectively expressed by placing large stones in front and small stones at the back.

ADA Iwagumi 90P


Stem Plants and Stone Arrangement

An Iwagumi layout having a colorful image was made by placing Manten Stones following the basic stone arrangement style and planting stem plants in the background. Mixed foreground plants add a delicate touch to the aquascape.

ADA Iwagumi Manten90p


Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA