Oliver Knott: cleaning silicone seams
Tips for algae removal

Beautiful planted layouts arranged in high-quality low-iron glass aquariums are getting more and more popular. These modern glass tanks are not made with black, but with transparent silicone, preventing unsightly black bars blocking the view of a beautiful aquascape. In order to keep the bright silicone seams clean and free from algae, the renowned aquascaper Oliver Knott has a couple of useful tips in the following video.

Since these tanks' silicone seams are made using a modern end-to-end joint technique, they might appear to be very thin, but over time algae still may settle there. For the aquarium to stay visually appealing, the seams should be cleaned at regular intervals. Oliver Knott recommends weekly cleaning, even though algae films might not be visible yet. Regular cleaning ensures that even the tiniest accumulations of algae are removed before they can take over, and it prevents the formation of larger and much less easy-to-remove algae colonies. Oliver Knott uses various cleaning tools for this job.


Special soft sponges for the removal of algae such as the Magic Cleaner Sponge used in this video, or the Seachem Algae Pads are not only suitable for cleaning the silicone seams but they are also perfect for getting rid of soft algae films on the panes of the aquarium. The soft material won’t leave a scratch in the aquarium glass.

Seachem - Algae Pad - 3x


A simple toothbrush can be used very well for algae removal on the silicone seams of the aquarium. A new toothbrush should be used, though, so you won’t introduce any unwanted toothpaste residue into your tank. The bristles of the toothbrush will even reach algae sitting in the corner under the silicone lines. Oliver Knott also demonstrates in the video how to efficiently remove muck and algae from hardscape such as driftwood and stones.

Dry aquariums

What to do after buying a used aquarium in need of thorough cleaning? Especially with grimy tanks that have been stored dry for some time cleaning the silicone seams thoroughly and properly can be a difficult task. In our Wiki article on "Cleaning an aquarium tank" you'll find many useful hints and tips for this.

dirty silicone