Oliver Knott: aquascaping tools
A presentation of various aquarium tools

In this video, the popular aquascaper Oliver Knott presents various aquascaping tools. From tweezers to scissors to sand flatteners or spatulas, he demonstrates the usage of the tools in various examples.


setting a stem plant using tweezers

Tweezers are primarily used for the insertion of aquatic plants. Oliver Knott presents the Aqua Rebell 30 cm tweezers straight and the corresponding curved variant. Tweezers are suitable for general aquarium maintenance, when you don’t want to get your hands wet. Like, placing food, moving small hardscape elements like stones and pieces of wood as well as the retrieval of dead matter. The curved model is very suitable to get into those hard-to-reach places in the aquarium.

Regular scissors

setting a stem plant with tweezers

Plant scissors are available in various lengths. In the video, Oliver Knott uses the Aqua Rebell Short Scissors curved 16,8 cm as a shorter tool for smaller nano aquariums, and also the Aqua Rebell Long Scissors curved 25 cm which is more suitable for aquariums This longer pair of scissors is better for aquariums with more height. Both scissors have a slightly curved cutting edge, which makes it easier to work in the lower regions of the tank, because you do not have to lower your hand/arm so deeply into the water.

Sand Flattener

Sand Flattener

Gravel-Spatulas, which are generally called sand flattener in the aquascaping scene, are great tools which help with the modelling of the substrate quite amazingly. As a rule, they each have a spatula of various sizes at both ends. Especially with a new set-up, but also for the care of an aquarium, a sand flattener is a helpful tool. By its use, it is easy to restore inclines and smooth out sand zones, without having to shut down the aquarium first.

Wave Cutter

Aqua Rebell - Wave Scissors - 20 cm - standard

The Aqua Rebell Wave Scissors 20 cm is something special, indeed. These special, double-curved scissors ensure an ergonomically and easy trimming of e.G. ground cover, as shown by Oliver Knott on some Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba".

Spring scissors

trimming some moss

The special scissors, whose handling Oliver shows here, are small and very versatile. Oliver uses the model Aqua Rebell Spring Scissors curved 16 cm. This model is especially suitable for the trimming and cutting of mosses and ground cover. The spring-loaded scissor blades ensure fatigue-free work. Spring scissors are therefore exceptionally good for trimming larger areas of ground cover.

By the way: we have covered these and various other tools in detail in another one of our Wiki articles.