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  • A book by Takashi Amano
  • Photographs of nature aquariums
  • Shot with analog cameras
  • English and German version available
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  • Pure stabilized H2O2 - hydrogen peroxide
  • Also usable to counter many algae
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  • Prevents hoses kinking
  • Available to fit 2 hose diameters
  • Increased safety - can prevent hose connection to burst due to excess pressure
  • Greater efficiency - kinking leads at least to flow rate reduction
  • Pack contains 2 pieces
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  • Original spare part
  • Suitable for several Twinstar-Variations
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  • Does not turn the water brown
  • Fish and shrimps with more vibrant colours
  • Improves the general health of the living creatures
  • Prevents diseases
  • No extra organic contamination
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  • Supplies the aquarium with pure and activated oxygen
  • Without cables or other connectors
  • Significant improvement of water quality
  • The CO2 content remains constant
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  • 5 x 5 mm - white
  • Supports the substrate build-up
  • Holds back larger lava or pumice pieces
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  • Cleaning detergent for aquarium glass
  • Harmless for fish and plants
  • Removes algae
  • Easy to use
Accessories for your aquarium

In this section of our Aquasabi online shop you will find all sorts of useful accessories for the aquarium in general and aquascaping in particular. These include back walls and screens for aquariums in different colors, as well as spare parts such as replacement blades for blade cleaners or various suction cups, which are required for the attachment of pipes, glassware and hoses in the aquarium. Also included are hose holders, hose guides and hose clamps as well as cover hooks.

Spare parts for equipment like the Twinstar models or for the Söchting Oxydator are in this category, too, but also technology for supplying oxygen to your aquarium. For this purpose, we offer various air pumps and vents for sale online.
Further accessories include calibration agents for pH controllers, feeders, aquarium glue and tools for performing water changes.

You want to be inspired? Here you will also find a fine selection of books and magazines related to aquascaping, such as the biography of Takashi Amano or the IAPLC booklets.