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Natural filter methods for the aquarium

In the diverse world of aquatics, natural filtration methods are gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly and efficient way to improve aquarium water quality.

Natural filtration methods use biological processes, natural substances and living organisms to purify the aquarium water. Essentially, it is a sustainable way of treating water that involves the interaction of nature's natural cycles in the tank.

Aquatic plants such as waterweed and Amazon sword plants can absorb nutrients from the water, which inhibits the growth of algae, and improves water quality.

In marine aquariums, corals are the most important. They filter nutrients from the water and provide a home for beneficial bacteria. These in turn can then take care of the recycling of ammonia and nitrite.

A good substrate of sand or gravel or soil can also help to absorb excess nutrients and promote root growth of plants.

Natural filtering methods also include substances such as peat. Peat granules can be used to lower water hardness, add humic substances to the aquarium and easily lower the pH.

Natural filter methods are an interesting development in aquaristics that improve water quality in a natural way.