Mechanical-biological filter media for the aquarium

In the fascinating world of aquaristics, mechanical-biological filter methods play an important role in maintaining optimal water quality in the aquarium.

Mechanical-biological filtration methods combine two important aspects of water treatment: mechanical and biological filtration. These methods use both physical barriers and living microorganisms to purify the water.

In a first step, the aquarium water is freed from mulm, dirt, leaf debris etc. by mechanical filter media such as filter fleece, filter sponges or filter mats.

After mechanical pre-filtration, biological filtration comes into play. Here, useful bacteria settle in special filter media and in the pores of the mechanical filter media. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrite, which can be produced in the aquarium by the metabolisation of fish food or by fertilisers. They convert these substances into less harmful nitrates.

Biological filtration ensures a long-term stable aquarium and optimal conditions for the fish and aquatic plants.

Mechanical-biological filtration methods thus improve the overall water quality and promote a biological balance in the aquarium.