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Aquario - Neo Media

With the Neo Media, AQUARIO has brought a completely new range of filter materials to the market. During the production process, the Korean company places particular emphasis on a consistently fine pore structure. A special procedure and new techniques were developed for this purpose. This results in small technical masterpieces that find a place in every aquarium filter.
In order to be able to take into account all the needs of the creatures and aquatic plants in the aquarium, three completely different types of filter media were created. Neo Media SOFT and HRAD have a direct influence on the pH-value and the hardness of the water. The SOFT version provides a slightly lower pH and is, therefore, particularly suitable for South American fish species and shrimps. Neo Media HARD provides a slight increase in the pH-value and is, therefore, ideally suited for sea fish, corals and (Lake Tanganyika) chichlids. PURE has no effect on pH or water hardness.
This property makes neo Media from AQUARIO particularly popular for friends of aquarium inhabitants with special needs.