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Aquael - Substrates

A good substrate is crucial for a successful aquascape, not only for a magical look, but above all for a healthy underwater world. For this reason, Aquael offers good substrates for the small purse.
Some of these are even optimally suited for special challenges in an aquarium. Depending on the type, the Japanese substrates of the Aquael Advanced Soil range are tailored to the needs of shrimps and aquatic plants to support them in growing and thriving. In addition, the water values (pH value and carbonate hardness) are stabilised and the biological filtration intensified. With the exception of the Aquael Dolomit gravel substrate, which was specially created for harder and alkaline conditions, all substrates behave neutrally and do not harden the water quality. Another plus point of the Aquael substrates is the thorough rinsing that they all undergo, which removes any impurities present.