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Vallisneria sp. "asiatica"

Vallisneria sp. "asiatica"

  • Decorative Vallisneria with twisted leaves
  • Mostly not exceeding 30 cm
  • Low demands
  • Multiplies by runners
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When supplied as a potted plant and/or bunch, it is very important that it is not planted in direct company of invertebrates. The plant should be watered for at least a week - with regular water changes - before introducing it into your aquarium. The plant nurseries commonly use raw material from Asia for these variants. When planted into an existing ecosystem, it is possible that invertebrates could be harmed. There should be no issues with a new set-up - but regular water changes are advised as well.

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This decorative, medium high Vallisneria with twisted leaves is delivered by water plant nurseries as "Vallisneria asiatica". It might belong to Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis, however this variety differs by narrower leaves. According to the suppliers, "asiatica" does not exceed 30 cm under normal conditions.

The favourable temperature range is indicated as 22-28 °C. As well as many other Vallisnerias, it is an easy aquarium plant, however a nutrient-rich bottom and at least medium lighting are beneficial for its growth. It multiplies by runners, that should be considered for placing in the aquarium.

With its moderate height of about 30 cm, this Vallisneria fits well in the background of smaller aquariums. It also looks very well as a stand in the midground of taller tanks.

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.



Aquatic plants by Aquasabi represent quality. Being passionate aquarists, we know the do's and don'ts with aquatic plants and work hard every day to make sure you receive your plants in excellent quality. We obtain our aquatic plants from renowned aquatic plant nurseries only or even cultivate them ourselves in our In vitro laboratory. In any case of transport suffer, we will always find a solution that will bring back a smile to your face. Promise!

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