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Aquael is characterised by well thought-out and reasonably priced aquarium accessories. These include the versatile internal filters which, thanks to their intelligent design, ensure water quality worth living in, keeping the aquarium clean and lively and the inhabitants and aquatic plants vital and lively.
The Classic Fan is offered in different sizes so that the right filter volume can be used for every tank. The Unifilter UV ensures particularly clean aquarium water. With the integrated UV diodes, the water in the aquarium is rid of floating algae, protozoa and bacteria to increase the health of the inhabitants. The smallest among the Aquael filters is the Pat Mini, the lightweight sponge filter is ideal for small tanks as it requires hardly any space. Not only classic aquariums are catered for, aqua terrariums are also the focus of Aquael's filters. For these special gems, Aquael offers the ASAP, which can be used from a water height of 5 cm. The range is rounded off by the Aquael Turbo, which can be equipped with a wide variety of filter media and can thus be adapted to all kinds of needs of the aquarium inhabitants.
All filters are energy-efficient and can also aerate the water, leaving no wish unfulfilled for the aquarist.