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ADA - liquid fertilizers and additives

ADA's innovative fertiliser concept primarily provides for a strong supply of nutrients via the soil substrate, which is additionally supplemented by fertiliser in liquid form. Depending on the plant species, aquatic plants absorb nutrients preferentially through their leaves and not exclusively through their roots. With ADA's liquid fertilizers for aquascaping and plant aquariums - New Brighty K or Green Brighty Neutral K - you can supply your plants with potassium via the surrounding water. Green Brighty Mineral acts as a complete iron fertilizer and provides plants with nutrients in the form of iron and other important trace elements. An additional supply of iron can be offered via Green Brighty Iron. Especially in plant aquariums and aquascapes with intence light and fast-growing plants an additional nitrogen fertilization may turn out to be necessary. This is where Green Brighty Nitrogen comes in.
We have explained the new Green Brighty series from Aqua Design Amano in detail in a separate article.

With products such as Green Bacter from Aqua Design Amano, the growth of important microorganisms can be accelerated, especially during the cycling phase of the aquarium. Green Gain is a preparation containing phytohormones that can stimulate the growth of aquatic plants. The addition of ADA ECA prevents chlorosis by providing stable iron compounds that can be easily utilised by aquarium plants.