WIO Decor-Roots Twisted Roots

WIO Decor-Roots Twisted Roots

  • Twisted, gnarled root pieces
  • For aquascapes and terrariums
  • Supports a natural design
  • Pre-packed sets
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The WIO Decor-Roots Twisted Roots are gnarled unique root pieces for the individual design of aquascapes and terrascapes. These extraordinary roots are formed into intricate shapes with fascinating twists and curves. They provide an individual design for the landscape. Made from real tree roots, the roots add depth and dimension to the layout, making them an excellent choice for adding a touch of natural beauty to aquatic or terrarium environments. Twisted Roots from WIO are pre-packed and it is not possible to select individual roots.


  • Gnarled, twisted root pieces for the design of aquascapes and terrariums
  • Ideal for a semi-natural habitat
  • Pre-packed sets with different sized root pieces
  • Dried wood, pre-water for 24 hours before use
  • Roots can colour the water brown to a greater or lesser extent
  • Seachem Purigen can be used against brown discolouration


In order to enjoy the roots for a long time, WIO asks you to observe the following:

  • Rinse the roots under running water before placing them in the aquarium. Then water for 24 hours.
  • Initially, the roots must be secured against floating up; for this purpose, stones are used as weights or anchors, Wood Tight, Moss Cotton or glue are used for attachment etc.. Continue until the root is fully soaked and stays down.
  • In the early stages, the roots may release tannins that are harmless to the aquarium inhabitants and can slightly colour the water brown. This phenomenon can also be observed in natural blackwater streams. The tannin content in the aquarium can be reduced by changing the water.
  • If this colouration is undesirable, the roots can be boiled for a few hours or pre-watered outside the aquarium for about four weeks, so that they release as many tannins as possible.
  • A harmless bacterial lawn can also form on the roots, which can look like a layer of mould. It can be vacuumed off without any problems - if necessary, this has to be repeated. It disappears by itself after about four weeks.



WIO's products aim to bring nature into people's daily lives.
WIO designs and delivers products that enable customers to create small to medium sized natural landscapes that stimulate them, reconnect them with nature, and at the same time improve their well-being. Their team of designers, makers and natural artisans create unique products that allow people to fully enjoy nature in their daily lives. The products are designed for the most demanding customers with a special sensitivity to nature, well-being, ecology, design, art and excellence.

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