WIO Decor-NanoRocks Darwin Black Lava Rocks

WIO Decor-NanoRocks Darwin Black Lava Rocks

  • Attractive volcanic rocks
  • Deep black colouring
  • Perfect for aquascaping
  • Rough surface
  • Does not harden water
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The Darwin Black Lava Nano Rocks from the WIOdecor Nano Rocks series by the manufacturer WIO are rough, dark volcanic rocks and bring texture and contrast to any aquascape. Their many depressions and pores create an interesting picture. The black lava goes well with epiphytes such as anubias, java fern and congo fern. They are particularly well suited to biotope aquariums that, for example, recreate a stream on an Indonesian volcanic island.


  • Deep balck colouring
  • Rough surfaces are ideal for planting epiphytes
  • May slightly increase the pH value and the KH
  • Has no influence on water hardness
  • Available in 1,5 kg containers


These stone sets are unhalndled natural products. It is recommended to clean and rinse the stone decoration under running water before using it in the aquarium. This removes the finest stagnant particles, which can otherwise cause cloudiness when a new aquarium is set up. Slight residues of moss or lichen cannot be completely ruled out.



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EAN 8436615521449
Weight 1,50 kg
Shipping weight 1,60 kg

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Lukas P.
Aint good
14th November 2022
WIO - Decor-NanoRocks - Darwin Black Lava Rocks - 1 - 10 cm - 1,5 kg
WIO - Decor-NanoRocks - Darwin Black Lava Rocks - 1 - 10 cm - 1,5 kg

Unfortunatelly not every piece in the bag was a lava rock. I expected to get a mix of stones of the similar size and shape as they are presented in products photo. (read more)