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Vallisneria australis "Marmor"

Marbled Giant Vallisneria

Vallisneria australis "Marmor"

Marbled Giant Vallisneria

  • Also labeled Vallisneria spiralis "Leopard"
  • Very long, broad, ribbon-shaped leaves
  • Dark striation and red-brown tones
  • Undemanding plant for large tanks
  • Useful to create a jungle-like atmosphere
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When supplied as a potted plant and/or bunch, it is very important that it is not planted in direct company of invertebrates. The plant should be watered for at least a week - with regular water changes - before introducing it into your aquarium. The plant nurseries commonly use raw material from Asia for these variants. When planted into an existing ecosystem, it is possible that invertebrates could be harmed. There should be no issues with a new set-up - but regular water changes are advised as well.

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This large, strong Vallisneria is labeled by Dutch water plant nurseries as Vallisneria spiralis "Leopard", but in our opinion it is Vallisneria australis "Marmor" ("Marble"). This selection of the Giant Vallisneria develops up to 1 m long leaves with a pattern of brown, short horizontal lines and, good lighting provided, red-brown coloration.

Vallisneria and its several selections, known as "Vallisneria gigantea" or "V. americana", is an easy, robust aquarium plant that benefits from a nutrient-rich substrate. Medium lighting is sufficient, but with too little light the leaves stay rather green. CO2 addition is not necessary but enhances the growth. The Giant Vallisneria, native to the southern and eastern parts of Australia, also grows at temperatures below 20 °C in unheated tanks. The plant spreads by runners. With its very long leaves, it should be used for corresponding large aquariums.

Vallisneria australis "Marmor" forms lush thickets and look best in at least 50 cm tall tanks in the background. With its floating leaves at the surface, it provides a natural look e.g. to river biotope tanks.

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.

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Eric M.
Very very bad
28th June 2021
Vallisneria australis "Marmor" - Pot
Vallisneria australis "Marmor" - Pot

All the plants arrived in a deplorable state, brownish, beginning to decompose, I dont think I can save them. I don’t understand how it wasn’t seen before packaging