UNS Foresta Paludarium

UNS Foresta Paludarium

  • For a piece of rainforest
  • With technical accessories
  • Wide range of design options
  • Incl. cover for the technical chamber
  • Delivery without plants
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The UNS Foresta Paludarium combines the worlds of aquarium and terrarium in a fascinating way. It provides the perfect platform for creating both lush green vertical surfaces and impressive underwater landscapes, making it the ideal backdrop for your plant creations. The included Foresta mats are ideal for a variety of plants, including mosses, begonias and bromeliads, making it easy to create vibrant green areas. These mats retain the ideal amount of moisture for plant growth while ensuring proper aeration.

The Foresta Paludarium comes with everything you need to get started right away, including a green Foresta Line to support the plants.
The 9 x 9 cm mats are attached to the integrated waterfall wall, which, in addition to its aesthetic value, also provides space for essential elements such as filter sponges, a pump, and the Atomizer Mist Maker. This device creates a fine mist layer that increases air humidity and creates jungle-like conditions for the plants.
The compact, powerful water pump ensures the necessary water flow and contributes to the waterfall effect, while the durable filter sponge ensures clear water and a healthy ecosystem.


Various accessories for the UNS Foresta

The UNS Foresta Paludarium is much more than an ordinary plant container; it is a living work of art that adds a special touch to any room. The mist-shrouded plants create a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere that inspires awe and offers a peaceful retreat in the hectic world of everyday life. With this paludarium, you can bring a piece of the jungle into your home or office and create an impressive, vibrant scene.

Forester Paludarium Flyer - - download PDF


  • Paludarium with technical accessories
  • To recreate a jungle
  • Terrarium and aquarium in one
  • Actively enhances the environment
  • Including fogger, pump and planting mats
  • With special thread to attach the plants
  • Cover for chamber area included

Technical data

UNS Sigma Pump - 350
Max. Pump capacity 350 l/h
Power specification DC5VA 5W
Max. delivery head 1,50 m
IP protection class IPX8
UNS Sigma Pump - 600
Max. Pump capacity 600 l/h
Power specification DC5VA 10W
Max. delivery head 1,50 m
IP protection class IPX8


UNS Foresta - 35E
Width 350 mm
Height 450 mm
Total depth 350 mm
Depth inside 270 mm
Depth chamber 80 mm
Chamber volume 12,5 l
Paludarium volume 11,4 mm
Foresta Mats 6 Stück
UNS Foresta - 60E
Width 600 mm
Height 450 mm
Total depth 360 mm
Depth inside 260 mm
Depth chamber 100 mm
Chamber volume 26,5 l
Paludarium volume 15,2 mm
Foresta Mats 12 Stück
UNS Sigma Pump - 350
Länge 45 mm
Width 45 mm
Height 35 mm
UNS Sigma Pump - 600
Länge 60 mm
Width 45 mm
Height 52 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Paludarium
  • Built-in cascade filter
  • Atomizer mist maker set
  • Atomizer stand holder
  • Sigma pump
  • Outflow pipe
  • Bio filter sponge
  • Glass chamber lid
  • Foresta mats
  • Foresta line

Plants are not included in the scope of delivery.



Ultum Nature Systems from the United States create first-class frameless aquariums and high-class accessories for aquarists who see aquascaping as more than just a hobby. The elegantly designed aquariums offer a fantastic basis for first-class aquascapes, natural aquariums, plant and holland-style tanks as well as saltwater or reef tanks, thanks to the very high-quality diamond glass. With aquascaping always as a reference level and the accompanying needs for space, depth and design freedom, UNS have an exceptionally well thought-out portfolio of different sizes in their range. The UNS range also includes high-class equipment. CO2 systems, LED aquarium lighting, substrate, fertiliser and stainless steel tools.

General information

Item no.
EAN 810004573307
Weight 15,00 kg
Shipping weight 15,75 kg

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