UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula

UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula

  • Unique aquarium design
  • With integrated filter chamber
  • Clear visibility with low iron glass
  • Efficient water circulation
  • Creative aquascaping
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The Dual All-In-One Peninsula from UNS is characterised by its unique design, which makes it possible to view a lovingly and detailed aquascaping project from three sides. This is made possible by the alignment of the integrated filter chamber on one of the short sides so that, unlike regular aquariums, both long sides are free and not covered by distracting technology. The three-part filter chamber has space for the corresponding Bio Block filter media, the filter sponge and the reliable water pump.

The UNS All-in-One System offers three models, each designed for specific purposes and room designs.

The Cube model is characterized by its symmetrical dimensions, making it an excellent choice for centerpiece displays. Enjoyable from all sides, it is fantastic both as a starter aquarium and as an addition to an existing collection. Its uniform shape allows for balanced and creative aquascape design.

On the other hand, the Peninsula model integrates into the overall room design and is unique in that it can be viewed from three sides. This type of aquarium offers extensive aquascaping possibilities and requires dynamic creativity. It's particularly suited for enthusiasts who want to create an interactive and expansive aquarium experience.

The Standard model encompasses the most common aquarium sizes, providing ample space for beautiful aquascapes. It is ideal for those interested in a lush freshwater planted aquarium or a vibrant saltwater coral reef. Standard aquariums offer perfect proportions inspired by the Golden Ratio (a principle from art and architecture that defines ideal proportions based on the ratio of 1:1.618), making them suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists who value aesthetics and functionality.

The center piece of each model is the innovative three-part chamber that enables advanced and efficient water treatment.

Chamber 1
The first chamber contains a thick, high-quality, reusable black sponge that acts as a mechanical filter medium. This coarse sponge effectively traps debris such as fish waste and plant debris to prevent it from entering the other chambers or the water pump. It is easy to remove and clean, which simplifies maintenance and ensures trouble-free operation.

Chamber 2
The second chamber houses the Ultum Nature Systems Bio Bricks, a newly developed porous ceramic biomaterial used for biological filtration. These Bio Bricks are stackable and make a significant contribution to creating a balanced and healthy underwater ecosystem. In addition, this chamber offers space for further filter media, which can be added or adapted as required.

Chamber 3
The third and final chamber houses the water pump, which is the centrepiece of the aquarium. This powerful pump is fully submersible and has an adjustable flow nozzle. With the Sigma pump, the water can be circulated efficiently in the aquarium, whereby the standard and rotating nozzles ensure optimum flow direction and circulation.


Various accessories for the UNS Dual All-In-One

The Dual All-In-One Peninsula Aquarium is characterised by its user-friendly design, including the built-in water level control and the cut-out windows that make it easy to monitor the water level in the chamber. This sophisticated system offers a comprehensive solution for aquarium water maintenance, with particular emphasis on efficiency and ease of use.


  • Unique peninsula design for viewing from three sides
  • With integrated filter system
  • Offers extensive aquascaping options
  • For dynamic creativity in design
  • Suitable for fresh- and seawater

Technical Data

UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula 45A - Sigma 600
Max. flow rate 600 l/h
Power consumption 10 W
UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula 90LA - Sigma 800
Max. flow rate 800 l/h
Power consumption 16 W


UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula 45A
Length 450 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 280 mm
Glass thickness 5 mm
Chamber volume 9,9 l
Overall volume 35,3 l
UNS Dual All-In-One Peninsula 90LA
Length 900 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 300 mm
Glass thickness 8 mm
Chamber volume 21 l
Overall volume 81,1 l

Scope of delivery

  • White glass aquarium with partition wall
  • Sigma pump
  • Rotary Nozzle
  • 3 Bio Block filtration media
  • Bio riser
  • Filter sponge
  • Chamber cover
  • Leveling mat



Ultum Nature Systems from the United States create first-class frameless aquariums and high-class accessories for aquarists who see aquascaping as more than just a hobby. The elegantly designed aquariums offer a fantastic basis for first-class aquascapes, natural aquariums, plant and holland-style tanks as well as saltwater or reef tanks, thanks to the very high-quality diamond glass. With aquascaping always as a reference level and the accompanying needs for space, depth and design freedom, UNS have an exceptionally well thought-out portfolio of different sizes in their range. The UNS range also includes high-class equipment. CO2 systems, LED aquarium lighting, substrate, fertiliser and stainless steel tools.

General information

Item no.
EAN 810004574021
Weight 10,00 kg
Shipping weight 10,50 kg

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