Shinnersia rivularis (green)

Mexican Oak Leaf

Shinnersia rivularis (green)

Mexican Oak Leaf

  • Decorative lobed leaf shape
  • Light green to reddish brown
  • Very fast growing
  • Undemanding
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The Mexican Oak Leaf is an amphibious plant from Texas and adjacent northern Mexico. Mostly it forms floating stands in flowing waters but is also able to grow totally submerged as well as above water, then with creeping stems. The soft leaves are arranged oppositely along the stem and have a decorative, characteristically lobed shape, resembling the foliage of oaks (Quercus). When grown under water, they are light green, also with reddish-brown hues, good lighting provided. Shinnersia rivularis, also known as Trichocoronis rivularis, is a time-tested, very fast growing, easy aquarium plant. The cultivar S. rivularis 'Weiss-Grün' ('White-Green') with striking white pattern was selected from the wild type.

Shinnersia rivularis is a markedly fast-growing plant with wide tolerance ranges. Water hardness and pH value are negligible, the temperature may vary between 18 and 30 °C, however the lighting should be at least moderate. The stems grow rapidly towards the surface where they would float along when not trimmed and replanted. It grows also free-floating at the surface, not planted into the ground.

This plant from subtropical America looks best as a group in the background to midground of larger tanks. As a very easy, fast growing plant it is especially recommendable for aquarium beginners and for initial planting of newly set up tanks, respectively. It should also be intersting for North America-themed biotope aquaria and breeding tanks, as a dense thicket on the surface.

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Peter K.
Nice addition to my tank
8th November 2020
Shinnersia rivularis (green) - Pot
Shinnersia rivularis (green) - Pot

This plant is really undemanding. Not like some other plants that will just survive in non-CO2 tanks. It grows nicely in my low-tech tank. (read more)