Seachem Zeolite

Seachem Zeolite

  • For marine and freshwater aquariums alike
  • Extrem effective reduction of ammonia
  • Has no influence on the water hardness
  • No calcium reduction
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Seachem Zeolite consists of naturally occurring, highly porous minerals that bind ammonia and heavy metals through an ion exchange mechanism. This chemical filtration provides an extremely high capacity to bind ammonia while having no effect on overall water hardness in freshwater aquariums. A positive side effect in marine aquariums results from the fact that Seachem Zeolite does not degrade calcium, which is important for the survival of corals.

Seachem Zeolite is particularly well suited as a filter bed in canister filters or in backpack filters with chambers for loose media such as the Seachem Tidal Filter. Seachem Zeolite can likewise be used in high flow trickle filters.


  • Extremely high ammonia reduction
  • Calcium is not reduced
  • Compatible with most common types of filters


For best results, Seachem Zeolite should be thoroughly rinsed before use and placed to maximize water flow through the filter media. Use of a filter bag such as Zip Bag from Seachem is recommended.

The recommended volume for optimal filtration results: 250 ml of Seachem Zeolite per 200 liters of aquarium water. For smaller aquariums, the appropriate dosage is 5 ml per 4 liters of aquarium water. This amount of Seachem Zeolite removes up to 0.5 mg/l ammonia. The ammonia levels, will drop to zero within 24 - 48 hours. At this point, the zeolite can be removed or replaced with activated carbon, such as Seachem MatrixCarbon. For long-term removal of heavy metals, permanent use with monthly change intervals is recommended. For long-term ammonia control, Seachem Stability can be used in combination with Seachem Matrix. For monitoring ammonia levels in aquarium water, Ammonia Alert can be used.



Seachem is a renowned manufacturer of aquarium fertilisers and water conditioners. For over 40 years, hobbyists and professionals have benefited from the innovative products. A wide range of aids such as Seachem Purigen or Seachem Matrix ensure crystal-clear water in the aquascape. Biological water conditioners for the aquarium are also offered with products such as Seachem Stabilty are also offered.

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