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Seachem Tidal Matrix Filtermedium

Seachem Tidal Matrix Filtermedium

  • Seachem Tidal filter media
  • Highly porous filter medium for efficient filtration
  • Both external and internal macroporous surface area
  • Completely inert and will not breakdown
  • Grain: approx. 10 mm
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Tidal Matrix is made to fit the Seachem Tidal Filter. Each filter medium is supplied in Seachem Zip Bags so that it can be used immediately. It is available in four different sizes to match the respective Seachem Tidal Filter 35, 55, 75 & 110.

The Seachem Matrix itself is a very porous filter medium that helps to remove nitrogen loads through efficient, biological filtration. The inorganic solid particles are approximately 10 mm in diameter and their porous structure increases the usable surface area that contributes to filtration. Biological filter material made of plastic only provides the outer surface, while Matrix has inner and outer macroporous surface structures. These macropores are the ideal size for colonisation by nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. This allows Matrix, unlike other forms of bio-filter media, to break down nitrate, nitrite and ammonium simultaneously and in the same filter.

Matrix itself is inert and will not decay and therefore does not need to be replaced. Since the majority of bacteria lives on the internal structures, matrix can be flushed out when necessary. In doing so, the filtering effect is not impaired. Matrix is compatible with all aquarium filters and trickle filters.


  • Very porous filter media for efficient biological filtration
  • Internal and external macroporous surface structures
  • Does not disintegrate and does not need to be replaced
  • Available in four sizes



Seachem manufactures aquatic plant fertilisers and water conditioners. Aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts will benefit from Seachem's innovative products, as they can draw upon a vast range of helping agents. Especially mentionable: Seachem Purigen, which makes the water in an aquascape crystal-clear.

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