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Seachem Tidal Filter

Seachem Tidal Filter

  • Extensive filtration
  • Easy to use
  • Dual water intake
  • Suitable for any kind of filtration material
  • Adjustable flow
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The Seachem Tidal Filter is an innovative backpack filter for high-quality and comprehensive filtration of aquatic water. With its high power output combined with multiple integrated extras the filter cares for beautiful, clear water and is easy to use.

A dual water intake in installed, effecting an automatic surface cleansing (skimming). The pump is self-priming, so there is no need to fill the filter with water before use.

Intake as well as flow can be regulated manually. The Seachem Tidal Filter comes with a self-cleaning impeller and an additional signal pen which becomes visible when extra cleaning is necessary.

The Seachem Tidal Filter is compatible with any kind of filtration media which can be put directly into its inbuilt basket. When extra cleansing is necessary the basket can easily be set onto the filter's lid to avoid watering the aquarium's surrounding.


  • Thorough filtration
  • High power output and highly efficient
  • With dual water intake
  • With self-cleansing mechanism
  • Suitable for any kind of filtration medium
  • Adjustable flow
  • Easy to use

Technical data

Seachem Tidal Filter 35
Flow rate 500 Litres per hour
Canister volume 0,7 Liter
Power consumption 6 Watt (120v - 60Hz)
5 Watt (230v - 50Hz)
Seachem Tidal Filter 55
Flow rate 1.000 Litres per hour
Canister volume 1,2 Liter
Power consumption 6 Watt (120v - 60Hz)
5 Watt (230v - 50Hz)
Seachem Tidal Filter 75
Flow rate 1.500 Litres per hour
Canister volume 1,9 Liter
Power consumption 8 Watt (120v - 60Hz)
7 Watt (230v - 50Hz)
Seachem Tidal Filter 110
Flow rate 2.000 Litres per hour
Canister volume 3,2 Liter
Power consumption 12 Watt (120v - 60Hz)
10 Watt (230v - 50Hz)


Seachem Tidal Filter 35
Length 155 mm
Width 130 mm
Height 180 mm
Dimensions media chamber 138 x 52 x 125 mm
Seachem Tidal Filter 55
Length 205 mm
Width 155 mm
Height 214 mm
Dimensions media chamber 189 x 66 x 150 mm
Seachem Tidal Filter 75
Length 255 mm
Width 178 mm
Height 242 mm
Dimensions media chamber 239 x 76 x 180 mm
Seachem Tidal Filter 110
Length 295 mm
Width 192 mm
Height 242 mm
Dimensions media chamber 279 x 89 x 200 mm



Seachem manufactures aquatic plant fertilisers and water conditioners. Aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts will benefit from Seachem's innovative products, as they can draw upon a vast range of helping agents. Especially mentionable: Seachem Purigen, which makes the water in an aquascape crystal-clear.

General information

Item no.
EAN 000116065238
Weight 1,88 kg
Shipping weight 2,00 kg

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Gintare C.
Nice little and quet filter
6 hours ago
Seachem - Tidal Filter - 35
Seachem - Tidal Filter - 35

Even if it is small in size there is plenty of space for the media! Nice flow and it is super quiet! The only thing that I had to adjust myself is I cut out a small sponge as... (read more)