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Schismatoglottis roseospatha

Schismatoglottis roseospatha

  • Narrow-leaved epiphyte from Borneo
  • Rarely cultivated
  • Dark-green, slightly glossy leaves
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Schismatoglottis roseospatha is a remarkable Aroid from the southern part of Sarawak on Borneo. It is a rheophyte, attached on rock along fast-flowing rainforest streams, comparable to the related Bucephalandra species. Although it is only temporarily flooded during high water level in the nature, it thrives well as constantly submerged aquarium plant. The narrowly ovate to lanceolate, dark green, somewhat glossy leaves have a slightly crispate margin and long tip. The creeping rhizome has quite long roots. Young leaf stalks and rhizome tips are red-brown. The stomata on the leaf surface appear under water as silvery spots. The leaf size is very variable depending on conditions and age of the plant. Although Schismatoglottis roseospatha is known to the hobby for years, it is still rarely available in trade.

This plant is not demanding but benefits from good CO2 and nutrient supply. It attaches itself to rock by its roots but can also be fixed to the botton (do not bury the rhizome!), or simply stuffed into the crevices of the hardscape. With time, the very slow growth may accelerate, and the very small plant increases in size.

With its narrow, shiny, dark green leaves, this little known plant is very interesting for the aquarium design, for example in stream biotope tanks.

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.

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Jean-Luc C.
Really nice epiphyte
8th February 2019
Schismatoglottis roseospatha - Single plant
Schismatoglottis roseospatha - Single plant

This is a very rare plant that you will not find anywhere else! Thanks Aquasabi! Leaves are very nice slightly striped with fresh green colour. (read more)