Ohko Dragon Stone

Ohko Dragon Stone

  • Textures surface
  • Brown to slightly red colors
  • Perfect for Aquascaping
  • Does not raise water hardness
  • Product pictures are examples, colours may vary
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Ohko, also called Dragon Stone, is an argillaceous rock that does not influence the water hardness, and whose holey structure and warm earthen tones make it an eye-catcher for your aquascape that gives it a very natural impression.

The stones are available in different sizes. The smaller sizes (Rubble and 5 - 10 cm) make it possible to order small stones directly if they are needed for the preferred layout.

Ohko stones are also available in already assembled sets. These provide an excellent opportunity to get a perfect selection of stones which match to different aquarium sizes. The sets are already compiled before they reach Aquasabi, so they can not be opened or altered.

Budget sets are not as rugged as the standard choice and should mainly be used to fill up the scape with more rocks with same colouring and shape.

The product pictures stand as examples. Stones are a natural product and no two rocks are the same. Each purchase will be comprised of an individual and unique selection of stones, all of which may vary in colour. The colour spectrum includes brown, cyan and even slight lilac.

Features of the Sets

60 cm Set
Tank size ca. 54 - 84 l
Stone combination 1x L / 3x M / 5x S
Number of stones 9 pieces
Weight ca. 4 kg
80 cm Set
Tank size ca. 72 - 128 l
Stone combination 1x L / 5x M / 5x S
Number of stones 11 pieces
Weight ca. 6 kg
100 cm Set
Tank size ca. 160 - 250 l
Stone combination 1x XL / 1x L / 3x M / 5xS
Number of stones 10 Stück
Weight ca. 10 kg
120 cm Set
Tank size 192 - 400 l
Stone combination 1x XXL / 1x XL / 1x L / 3x M / 5x S
Number of stones 11 Stück
Weight ca. 20 kg
Stone size in the Sets
XXL ca. 35 cm
XL ca. 25 cm
L ca. 16 cm
M ca. 12 cm
S ca. 6 cm

General information

Item no.
Weight 1,00 kg
Shipping weight 1,10 kg

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Stephane D.
Perfect pack for my Aquascaper 900 tank
26th March 2021
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Set - 120 cm
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Set - 120 cm

Perfect pack for my Aquascaper 900 tank - I even have 1 rock left.

You get various size and shape. Thx

Francesco M.
Semplicemente perfetto
24th August 2020
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Set - 60 cm
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Set - 60 cm

Ho faticato a trovare questa varietà di rocce, per fortuna Aquasabi le tiene. Ho ricevuto una quantità decisamente abbondante a un prezzo valido, ben confezionate e protette in... (read more)

Fabiano S.
20th January 2020
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Standard
Ohko - Dragon Stone - Standard

Arrivato in 4 giorni, ottimo materiale in varie dimensioni, bei colori, consigliato per acquari da 40 litri in su...molto buono

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