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Microbe-Lift Zeopure Zeolite 5-9 mm

Microbe-Lift Zeopure Zeolite 5-9 mm

  • Coarse premium zeolite (5 - 9 mm)
  • Clinoptilolite content of approx. 90%
  • Removes ammonium and phosphate
  • Keeps nitrite and nitrate levels low
  • Optimises water quality
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Zeopure from Microbe-Lift is a coarse-grained zeolith filter medium with a particle size of 5 - 9 mm. Its used to remove contaminants from the aquarium water. As a mineral of volcanic origin with a clinoptilolite content of about 90%, it has the property to adsorb undesirable substances such as phosphate. Ammonium is also efficiently bound and thus removed from the tank before it is converted to nitrate and nitrite by nitrifying bacteria.
Zeopure is suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums. It also provides an excellent surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize and helps to establish a stable biological balance in the tank.


  • Premium zeolite with a grain size of 5 - 9 mm
  • Clinoptilolite content about 90%
  • Binds phosphate and ammonium reliably and removes them permanently
  • Keeps the nitrate content low
  • For optimal water values
  • Provides a perfect colonisation surface for useful bacteria
  • Filter bag included in delivery


Over a period of 1 week, use 100 ml of Zeopure per 100 l of water. After that, the dosed amount can be further increased up to 200 ml per 100 l of water.


Before application, it is necessary to rinse Zeopure thoroughly under running tap or osmosis water to remove abrasion. Afterwards, it is filled into the provided filter bag and placed at a well flowed place in the filter or technical wash basin.
Zeopure is perfectly suitable for use in a zeolite reactor. The flow rate specifications of the manufacturer have to be observed.
Daily shaking prevents sediment and detritus deposits.



The most important products manufactured by Microbe-Lift are based on a combination of different useful bacteria that further a natural balance in planted tanks or aquascapes.

The bacteria products are biologically degradable. They bring about an improvement of water quality and strengthen the flora and fauna in the tank.

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