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Loa Rocks

Loa Rocks

  • Very dark coluor
  • Does not harden the water
  • Highly jointed surface
  • Porous structure - ideal for Ferns and Mosses
  • Only available from 3 kg upwards!
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Loa Rocks are of volcanic origin and have a structured black surface. They do not harden the water and can therefore also be used in aquariums with sensitive animals and plants.

Thanks to the beautifully structured surface, Loa Rocks also combine in stone structures to form a harmonious overall picture and interlock in countless combinations in a beautiful and lifelike manner. Especially Caribbean volcanic rock landscapes can be imitated stylishly without the need for mortar.

For example, "green reefs" can be designed similar to lava rock. Here, high structures are created, which are then planted with all kinds of epiphytic plants such as ferns of the genera Microsorum or Bolbitis, Pogostemon helferi and also various mosses. The roots of the plants find good hold in the many small holes and pores. If set up correctly, individual stones can be easily replaced later. So you get a "modular" layout. Classic Iwagumi layouts can also be realized and the dark color offers a nice contrast to rich green groundcover.

In combination with roots Loa is also very popular. The individual stones are often planted with moss in order to implement forest inspired layouts, whereby the Loa Rocks partly still show the original flow of the lava they are made of and achieve an even more natural effect.

The sets are already compiled before they reach Aquasabi, so they can not be opened or altered.

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Gintare C.
Beautifull stones
24th July 2019

Aquasabi helped me to choose really nice selection of rocks. I was hoping that this type of rock would weigh less but they are still nicely porous so compared to solid rock same... (read more)

Jimmy L.
A really good choice
8th February 2020

If youre looking for some dark rocks with some texture, the Loa rocks are a really good choice. Bought some a year ago to see how they looked, and just had to order some more for... (read more)

Christoph S.
Traumhafte Loa Rocks!!
12th April 2017

Wunderschöne Steine und mit perfekter Struktur! Damit kann man wirklich sehr viel machen.Habe 10kg bestellt. Wurde für ein 60Liter Scape zusammengestellt,Danke noch mal dafür!! (read more)

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