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JBL ProTemp b III

JBL ProTemp b III

  • Prevents putrefaction within the soil
  • Facilitates the growth of roots and plants
  • Made from resilient silicone
  • 24 V safety voltage
  • Includes suction cups
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The JBL ProTemp b III series consists of heating cables wich are buried in the aquarium soil and cares for a thermal flow through the substrate. This thermal flow creates areas of water circulation within the soil, like they are also found at the natural plant habitat. The build-up of anoxic areas within the soil is prevented which means that putrefaction and formation of toxic hydrogen sulphide is stopped. At the same time the water circulation takes nutrients to the roots facilitating plant growth.


Installation of substrate heating

The JBL ProTemp b comes in different wattages. Please note, however, that they are not suited for heating the entire aquarium. Therefore, the ProTemp b III does not need temperature regulation. The heating cable is made from resilient silicone and connects with the inverter power-supply via two normal cables. The new bigger diameter of the cables enables a safe operating voltage of 24 V.

You shouldn't use fine sand with the ProTemp b III since it prevents the water circulation.

Manual JBL ProTemp b10/b20/b40/b60 - - download PDF


  • Optimised power due to bigger diameter
  • Prevents putrefaction within the soil
  • Facilitates the growth of roots and plants
  • Made from resiliant silicone
  • Includes suction cups, warm and cold conductor and electrical transformer

Technical data

JBL ProTemp b III - 10
Capacity (litres) 40 to 120 l
Capacity (length of tank) 40 to 80 cm
Length of hot/cold cables 3,6 m / 2 m
Number of suction cups 20
Wattage 10 W
JBL ProTemp b III - 20
Capacity (litres) 60 to 200 l
Capacity (length of tank) 60 to 100 cm
Length of hot cable /cold cable 4,9 m / 2 m
Number of suction cups 30
Wattage 20 W
JBL ProTemp b III - 40
Capacity (litres) 200 to 400 l
Capacity (length of tank) 80 to 120 cm
Length of hot cable /cold cable 7 m /2 m
Number of suction cups 30
Wattage 40 W
JBL ProTemp b III - 60
Capacity (litres) 160 to 600 l
Capacity (length of tank) 100 - 150 cm
Length of hot cable /cold cable 9 m / 2 m
Number of suction cups 40
Wattage 60 W

Warranty conditions

There is a manufacturer's warranty
(for further information and notes on the warranty see below!) on the part of the guarantor

JBL GmbH & Co. KG
Dieselstr. 3
D-67141 Neuhofen

with a duration of 24 months.

The following warranty conditions apply.

"In addition to the legal claims of the customer against the seller the guarantee comprises delivery of goods which are free of defects and doesn’t restrict the statutory claims for defects in accordance with § 437 BGB.
We, JBL GmbH & Co. KG Dieselstr. 3, 67141 Neuhofen, Germany offer the end customer a guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase for functionality and absence of defects for the products listed below. Furthermore we offer the end user, after a successful product registration for the device within the statutory warrantee period, under https://www.jbl.de/productregistration an extended 4 years guarantee from the date of purchase.


The guarantee includes the repair at our discretion by replacement (free delivery of a comparable product) or its overhaul in accordance with the technical requirements.
The remaining period of the original warranty period applies for the part to be overhauled or replaced under this guarantee. The guarantee does not include the compensation of direct or indirect consequential damages. The guarantee only applies for sales to customers within the European Union. The guarantee is void, if the product was not correctly installed, maintained or cleaned, intentionally damaged or modified in any way not according to the intended purpose by the customer or third parties. Please contact your specialist retailer during the warranty period by presenting a valid purchase receipt or contact us under https://www.jbl.de/en/help-desk"

Source: User Manual


The legal defect rights towards Aquasabi GmbH & Co. KG according to §§ 437 ff. BGB (German Civil Code) are not compromised by this warranty.



JBL is a traditional German company with a very wide range of products for aquarists. From high-quality fish and shrimp food to external filters and water plant fertiliser, JBL offers a wide selection for aquarium enthusiasts.

JBL's research and development constantly brings new, innovative products onto the market. Whether aquascape, fish aquarium, shrimp tank with a scurry factor or a pure water plant aquarium in Holland style, JBL offers suitable aids for set-up and maintenance for all these directions.

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Frank K.
Gesundes Wurzelwachstum
29th October 2016
JBL - ProTemp b III - 10 watts
JBL - ProTemp b III - 10 watts

Preis/Leistung geht in Ordnung. Durch die Wasserzirkulation im Bodengrung gibt es keine Fäulnisherde mehr. Das Wurzelwachstum wird hierdurch emens gesteigert.

Sebastian B.
Gute Alternative zum Dupla Thermik Set!!
13th February 2017
JBL - ProTemp b III - 40 watts
JBL - ProTemp b III - 40 watts

Deutlich kleineres Netzteil, das sich zur Wandmontage (im Schrank) eignet. Heizkabel machen einen guten Eindruck. Die Saugnäpfe haben ein gutes Haltevermögen. (read more)