Fontinalis sp. "Nord-Thailand"

North Thailand willow moss

Fontinalis sp. "Nord-Thailand"

North Thailand willow moss

  • Forms narrow, long floating shoots
  • Especially suitable for river aquaria
  • Easy to cultivate
  • Rare, not available in trade elsewhere
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We received this moss together with the information that it comes from northern Thailand. It looks a lot like some Fontinalis antipyretica variants that are found in fast-flowing streams in Europe. Its deep green shoots are around 4 mm wide and do not ramify very much. They are densely covered with 2-3 mm long leaflets that lie more or less flat. This Fontinalis variant differs very much from "standard" willow moss (Fontinalis antipyretica), which we also offer. The leaflets of the latter are larger, sparser and do not lie as flat. In our tanks, Fontinalis sp. "Nord-Thailand" grows very well at normal aquarium temperatures of approx. 20-26 °C, we have not tested it with higher temperatures yet. It seems to be less demanding regarding CO2 than Fontinalis antipyretica var. gigantea. This moss is great for stream aquaria due to its "streamlined" look. The long, narrow shoots, swaying in the current, give such a layout a very natural appearance. This moss does not attach itself on the substrate. You can bind it onto rocks or driftwood, flat or in tufts.



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