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Echinodorus 'Osiris'

Osiris swordplant

Echinodorus 'Osiris'

Osiris swordplant

  • Echinodorus wild type from southern South America
  • Magnificent solitary plant for large tanks
  • Light green to reddish, slightly translucent leaves
  • Low demands
  • Also suitable for cooler water
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The Osiris Swordplant, also known as Melon Sword, originates from rivers in southern Brazil where the climate is subtropical with relatively cool winters. It is likely a natural hybrid with Echinodorus uruguayensis as one of the parent species. Already introduced in the 1960s as aquarium plant, it was one of the first swordplants with reddish colors, long before the first red Echinodorus hybrid culivars were bred. It was named in 1970 after the Brazilian water plant nursery "Lotus Osiris".
Echinodorus osiris is still one of the most beautiful and recommendable swordplants. Under water it develops a lush leaf rosette with many elongate, wavy, coarse, somewhat transparent, short-stalked leaves. Young leaves are more or less reddish, later changing into gold-green tones. The longitudinal nerves are lighter colored than the rest of the leaf.

Echinodorus 'Osiris' is a robust aquarium plant that also thrives well with medium lighting, however it benefits much from a nutrient-rich substrate, like all other Echinodorus. It has a wide temperature tolerance of about 15-28 °C. Under aquarium conditions it reliably remains under water; emersed, long-stalked leaves only appear when the plant is grown in very shallow water or wet ground. As well as Echinodorus uruguayensis, E. 'Osiris' forms a long, creeping rhizome. For propagation, older, leafless rhizome parts can be cut into pieces that will develop new leaf rosettes. Occasionally the plant also develops inflorescences with adventitious plantlets. The flower buds often remain closed.

This Echinodorus wild type is a magnificent solitary and group plant for the mid- to background of large aquariums. It has more discreet colors than many red Echinodorus cultivars, so it should be interesting for aquascaping and also river biotope tanks. With its wide temperature tolerance it is suitable for tropical as well as cool-temperatured tanks.

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.



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