DRAK KramerDrak Refill Powder

DRAK KramerDrak Refill Powder

  • Powder for refilling KramerDrak by DRAK
  • Just mix with water to make ready-for-use fertiliser
  • When stored dry it is almost indefinitely durable
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Special Fertilizer for intensively cultivated plant tanks (strong light tanks and very densely planted tanks). Developed by Hans-Georg Kramer.

The aquatic plant specialist and author Hans-Georg Kramer experimented for many years to develop a fertilizer that shows its special qualities in well-planted aquaria, especially if these are also well-lit. The use of four different chelates in a special proportion and an extremely wide range of trace elements, including so-called “beneficial elements”, helps to cultivate even the most demanding plants.

Dissolving the Fertilizer Refill Packages

  • Use only absolutely clean glass or plastic bottles made as germ-free as possible (e.g. by scalding out with boiling water), in order to avoid premature spoiling of the solution
  • Reverse osmosis water is good for dissolving the fertilizer; the usual demineralised water available in the trade is of course just as suitable. If no other water is available, tap water can be used if it is not too hard
  • Put the powder into a sufficiently large bottle. Small amounts of the powder remaining in the package or the funnel can be rinsed into the bottle with a little water
  • Do not use less water than advised, as otherwise not all the powder will dissolve. The only reason for not diluting the fertilizer further is that I can then no longer guarantee long-term durability of the solution. If greater dilution is required (e.g. for certain dosage pumps), then I advise diluting only part of the solution shortly beforehand each time it is used
  • The powder will dissolve most quickly if very hot water (~ 80 °C) is poured on, the bottle is closed and then strongly shaken several times. Over the next few hours, shake the bottle from time to time. After a day, the fertilizer should be ready for use. This will also work using cold water, but then it will take rather longer until the fertilizer is completely dissolved
  • If there is a tiny remnant of undissolved matter, this can be ignored, as it will not alter the effect of the fertilizer
  • Do not breathe in the powder dust and make sure the powder does not come in contact with the eyes or the mucous membranes. Also avoid contact with the skin for longer periods
  • If the above should have happened by accident, rinse with clear water for some time and if necessary consult a doctor. Take the label of the fertilizer package with you


First of all, please determine the effective quantity of water in your aquarium; when doing so, deduct the volume of the substrate, interior filter and large-volume items of decor. It is easiest to measure using a ruler or a tape measure.

Then work out the lighting factor by adding up the number of watts of your fluorescent or halide lamps and then divide the total by the net capacity in liters of your aquarium.

For water levels of up to about 40 cm you may multiply the number of watts of T5 fluorescent and halide lights by a factor of 1.2, in order to take account of their greater light intensity and corresponding effect at depth.

The calculated lighting factor only applies if you are using the highest quality reflectors; without these, only about 50% of the light is available in the aquarium. The lighting bodies should have optimum ventilation, because less light is produced by lamps at higher temperatures.

  • For medium lighting factors of about 0.4 W/l you will require approx. 10 ml/week/100 l water of KramerDrak
  • For strong light aquaria from 0.5 W/l upwards we recommend approx. 12 ml/week/100 l water of KramerDrak
  • More than 15 ml/week/100 l water of KramerDrak will not bring about any further improvements


20,980 mg/l potassium, 3,440 mg/l magnesium, 1,875 mg/l iron, 715 mg/l manganese, 92 mg/l copper, 80 mg/l zinc, 70 mg/l boron, 43 mg/l molybdenum, 25 mg/l cobalt, 6.6 mg/l lithium, 6.5 mg/l vanadium, 6.3 mg/l aluminium, 6.3 mg/l nickel, 6 mg/l selenium, 5.3 mg/l tin, EDTA, HEEDTA, DTPA, NTA, ascorbic acid, methyl paraben, benzoic acid

Weekly quantities added by a dose of 10 ml/week/100 l:

2.1 mg/l potassium, 344 µg/l magnesium, 187.5 µg/l iron, 71.5 µg/l manganese, 9.2 µg/l copper, 8 µg/l zinc, 7 µg/l boron, 4.3 µg/l molybdenum, 2.5 µg/l cobalt, 0.66 µg/l lithium, 0.65 µg/l vanadium, 0,63 µg/l aluminium, 0,63 µg/l nickel, 0,6 µg/l selenium, 0,53 µg/l tin



Aquarium plant fertilizers, water conditioners, remineralizing salts and supplies for marine aquaristics made by a specialist. Dr. Andreas Kremser (DRAK) offers a wide product range for planted aquarium enthusiasts and aquascpapes. Besides micronutrient fertilizers like his Ferrdrakon complete iron fertilizer, he offers macronutrients as well as micronutrient fertilizers for special purposes like the KramerDrak - complete iron fertilizer for strongly lit tanks. 

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