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DRAK Duradrakon KH-Plus

DRAK Duradrakon KH-Plus

  • Re-mineralising salt mixture for increasing carbonate hardness
  • Recommended for shrimp, crayfish and East Africa tanks
  • For RO water and rainwater
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Hardening Salt Mixture for the specific increase of the carbonate hardness in all tank types. Especially recommended for shrimp, crayfish and rift valley tanks.

The carbonate hardness together with the CO2 content of the water determine the pH to be adjusted. These three values stand in a physico-chemical relationship and are not independent of each other. The third value can be calculated from these two values using the correct formula. Due to the fact that the bacterial breakdown of protein (food residues, animal waste) in the tank, generates nitric acid (nitrification), the pH and KH of heavily stocked tanks are frequently unstable. This can already be potentially dangerous at a carbonate hardness of under 3 - 4° dH (acid crash). In this situation, the risks can be minimized by regularly changing an adequate amount of water, and by adjusting the CH to a minimum of 4 - 5° dH with Duradrakon CH-Plus.

Duradrakon CH-Plus contains, in contrast to many badly conceived carbonate hardener salts, not only cheap baking soda (sodium hydrogencarbonate), but also potassium salts and, in order to stabilise the pH adjustment, additional sodium and potassium carbonate. Thus, the ion ratio of potassium and sodium does not shift at the expense of potassium, which can otherwise lead to problems in the osmoregulation of fish, and potassium deficiency symptoms in many plants, especially when a relatively low carbonate hardness has been set.


1.5 g of Duradrakon CH-Plus per 50 l water in order to increase CH by 1° dH
Dissolves easily and without clouding.

Do not directly mix with Duradrakon TH-Plus preparations, but separated from it and resolve it single as diluted as possible. This prevents the precipitation of insoluble calcium and magnesium carbonates..


59.8 % Hydrogencarbonate, 21.5 % Sodium, 11.4 % Potassium, 7.3 % Carbonate



Aquarium plant fertilizers, water conditioners, remineralizing salts and supplies for marine aquaristics made by a specialist. Dr. Andreas Kremser (DRAK) offers a wide product range for planted aquarium enthusiasts and aquascpapes. Besides micronutrient fertilizers like his Ferrdrakon complete iron fertilizer, he offers macronutrients as well as micronutrient fertilizers for special purposes like the KramerDrak - complete iron fertilizer for strongly lit tanks. 

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DRAK Duradrakon KH-Plus 100g
21st October 2014
DRAK - Duradrakon KH-Plus - 100 g
DRAK - Duradrakon KH-Plus - 100 g

Salz war beim öffnen der Dose nicht in Pulverform, man kann es aber recht leicht mit einem Spatel rauskratzen. Ansonsten paßen die Dosierungsangaben zu den gemessenen Werten.