Crassula ovata

Jade plant

Crassula ovata

Jade plant

  • Small succulent tree
  • Undemanding
  • Suitable for dry terrariums
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The Jade plant is one of the most popular pot plants worldwide. It is a succulent, strongly branched shrub or small tree up to 2.5 m tall that forms a thick, short, gnarled trunk over time. It resembles the porkbush or elephant food (Portulacaria afra), but is not closely related. Crassula ovata occurs in South Africa from the Eastern Cape to KwaZulu-Natal as well as in south-eastern Mozambique. This species grows in dry, open forests and bushes, on stony slopes and other open areas, together with other succulents such as Aloe and Euphorbia species. Its light pink flowers usually appear in the winter half-year.

Crassula ovata is robust and easy to care for as a terrarium plant. It originates from subtropical areas with summer rains and dry, cool winters, and cool but frost-free overwintering is also ideal in culture. As a water-retaining plant it can withstand longer dry periods, but especially in spring and summer it should be watered occasionally and also fertilised a little. The money tree has no special soil requirements, but a well-drained, sandy-gravelly substrate such as cactus and succulent soil is recommended. It likes a lot of light, even full sun if grown in daylight. The brighter it stands, the more compact its growth. The leaves then often take on reddish tones. Propagation is easy by cuttings, even broken leaves form young plants if left on the ground.

This large plant of the stonecrop family is ideal for terrariums that mimic semi-deserts, savannahs and dry scrub. Crassula ovata looks particularly authentic in combination with stones and other succulent or dry-adapted plants.


Our terrarium plants give every terrarium an individual, natural atmosphere and at the same time provide a healthy environment for all terrarium inhabitants. Our wide range of tropical, subtropical and even arid plants are easy to combine and enhance any terrascape. Whether it's strong succulents, subtle tillandsias, eye-catching neoregelias or wonderful orchids - we offer terrarium plants for different terrascapes from rainforest to desert.

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